[Contraception after abortion]_Contraception_Abortion_How to contraceptive_How to prevent contraception

[Contraception after abortion]_Contraception_Abortion_How to contraceptive_How to prevent contraception

Many young women do n’t pay much attention to their physical health. Women belong to disadvantaged groups. In the process of sexual life, it is easy to have accidental pregnancy.So you can only choose to have an abortion operation, but this will be very harmful to women, so how to prevent pregnancy after abortion?

Post-Abortion Contraceptive Method 1: Short-acting oral contraceptives are currently only available in estrogen, and progesterone compound short-acting oral contraceptives are available, such as Mafulong.

If the drugs can be applied correctly, the self-confidence and effectiveness can reach 99.


Compound short-acting oral contraceptives are taken immediately during an abortion, even if infected. 2

Moreover, studies have shown that taking afulon after induced abortion can significantly reduce vaginal bleeding and shorten the time of vaginal bleeding, which is beneficial to prevent and reduce secondary infections.

Post-abortion contraceptive method 2: Male or female condoms When sexual life resumes after abortion, male or female condoms are optional. Condoms have a certain preventive effect on sexually transmitted diseases.

Male condoms or accidental pregnancy have a low rate of accidental pregnancy, but in use, due to improper use, the actual accidental pregnancy rate is much higher. The main reason is that the condom is not adhered to every sex life.There are reasons to use it.

The above is an introduction about how to prevent contraception after abortion. In fact, the contraceptive methods are different in different periods. If women have some complications after abortion surgery, it is recommended that everyone should not use condoms for contraception. If it isIf you choose contraception or contraception, you should also be careful to avoid secondary injuries.

[How to make milk-flavored broccoli pasta]_ Home-made methods of milk-fragrant broccoli pasta _ Milk-fragrant broccoli pasta _ How to make milk-fragrant broccoli pasta

[How to make milk-flavored broccoli pasta]_ Home-made methods of milk-fragrant broccoli pasta _ Milk-fragrant broccoli pasta _ How to make milk-fragrant broccoli pasta

It is the wish of many housewives to keep improving their cooking skills and allow their families to eat healthy and delicious food. Today, I will introduce a delicious and healthy milk-fragrant broccoli pasta to the main woman.Learn it!


Boil a pot of water and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 spoon of salt.


1 Broccoli is mixed with small flowers, washed and cooked, then added to the juicer.


2 Add the pasta and cook at the time indicated on the package.

Cook the pasta, drain the water, and stir in a little paste to prevent sticking.


1 Melt fat in a pan, stir-fried ham sausage slices and mushroom slices.

Super until the ham sausage is colored, and the mushrooms are softened and ready for use.

(I just took the mushroom slices, I forgot to take a snapshot, so please take a look) 5.

2 Broccoli is added milk, cream, flour, and smashed into juice.


Pour the broccoli into the pan, add salt, pepper and chicken, and boil.


Add the fried mushrooms and ham sausage, pour in the pasta and stir-fry evenly.

There are many people in the world who like to eat milk-flavored broccoli pasta, but very few will do it.

So, do you know how to do things, will you stand still?

Know that being able to cook this dish alone is also a highlight of your life.

[Homemade potato stewed pork ribs]_Homemade potato stewed pork ribs_Homemade potato stewed pork ribs Daquan_How to make homemade potato stewed pork ribs

[Homemade potato stewed pork ribs]_Homemade potato stewed pork ribs_Homemade potato stewed pork ribs Daquan_How to make homemade potato stewed pork ribs

: TV, I think everyone may not be able to resist the temptation to see a food show.

In fact, in life, we have mastered some cooking skills and cooking methods, and we can also taste healthy and delicious alternatives at home.

Here is an opportunity for everyone to learn how to cook. Let’s start with this regular potato braised pork ribs.


Chop pork ribs, peel potatoes and set aside.


Put water in 12 pots, add pork ribs to the pan and remove blood.


Wash the 21 ribs of good ribs, cut the potatoes into pieces, and prepare various seasonings.


Put oil in the pan and pour peppercorns.


Garlic aioli.


Stir in pork ribs and stir-fry for 2 minutes.


Stir fry, add boiling water, boil over high heat, add salt, and simmer over low heat for 40 minutes.


Add the potato cubes and simmer for about 10 minutes.


Stew for another 10 minutes. Potatoes are cooked through. Season with MSG.


Home warm ribs with the warmth of the home are OK.

Your understanding is extraordinary, so with the specific method of home-made potato braised pork ribs, you will definitely be able to make it alone.

And with your extraordinary mobility, the dishes you make are definitely the most beautiful.

[How to make lentils with fried beef]_Homemade lentils with fried beef_How to make lentils with fried beef_How to make lentils with fried beef

[How to make lentils with fried beef]_Homemade methods for lentils with fried beef

Health is a state of mind, and it requires us to start at the bottom of life, such as diet.

Well, now I will introduce the dish of fried beef with lentils.


Material: lentils, cooked beef 2.

Pick and wash the lentils and remove.


Cut in half with scissors and set aside.


Cut the cooked beef on the case board and cut into pieces, set aside.


Pour the oil in the wok and heat up. Stir in the cleaned lentils.


Next, add an appropriate amount of water.


Stir-fry until cooked.


Then, stir in the chopped cooked beef.


Finally, add the right amount of soy sauce.


Add the right amount of oyster sauce.


Add the right amount of salt.


Season well and serve well.


Remove from the pan and serve.

How about reading the above introduction by Xiaobian, do you think the practice of fried beef with lentils is very simple?

If I’m interested, you might as well do it yourself, and you will definitely gain something!

[Can you drink tea to lose weight]_tea_slimming_effect

[Can you drink tea to lose weight]_tea_slimming_effect

There are many teas that people can drink, and the benefits of drinking tea are also many. First of all, you can add enough water. Some teas can also improve appetite and promote slight decomposition.Choose a tea that suits you. In addition, if you want to lose weight, you need to match a reasonable diet.

First, can you lose weight by drinking tea? Drinking tea not only supplements water and necessary nutrients, but also benefits the consumption of adults in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

However, there may be an increased sense of drought after drinking tea. At this time, it is necessary to control appetite and replace low-energy and high-volume vegetables to satisfy hunger.

If your appetite is widened and a lot of energy is absorbed after drinking tea, the weight loss effect of drinking tea will be lost.

At present, there is no difference in the effect of green tea, black tea or scented tea on weight loss. Therefore, replacing tea in the process of weight loss is not the key to the problem.

Second, what tea is good for weight loss As far as pure tea is concerned, general experience believes that drinking pressed tea such as oolong tea, tea, puer tea and brick tea is more conducive to reducing fat and weight.

According to health tea, a variety of weight loss teas currently available on the market, such as Ning Hong Slimming Tea, Bodybuilding Slimming Tea, Seven-Zhu Bodybuilding Tea, Shanghai Health Tea, etc., are based on tea with Cassia Seed, Hawthorn, Lotus Leaf, etc.A Chinese herbal medicine packaged into teabags.

Convenient enough, the effect varies from person to person, each has certain indications.

Third, the precautions for drinking tea to lose weight What is folic acid and what harm does it cause?

If you want to drink tea healthily, you should also pay attention to the “Eleven Taboos”: Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach, which will cause coldness of the spleen and stomach;Soak for a long time to prevent oxidation and be contaminated by bacteria. Avoid brewing a lot of times, harmful trace elements in tea will be brewed at the end; avoid drinking before meals, the tea will dilute stomach acid; avoid drinking tea immediately after meals, blending in teaAcid can affect digestion; avoid taking tea with medicine, and the combination of acids in tea can affect the efficacy; avoid drinking overnight tea, which will deteriorate for a long period of time;Addictive and poisoning.

Fourth, how people with different constitutions drink tea to lose weight and heat constitution: The face and tip of the nose are always shiny and shiny, easy to develop acne, sores, and accompanied by oral odor. Most of this type belongs to the constitution of damp heat.

This type of person also often has a sticky stool and yellow urine.

Recommended scented tea: Lishi Qingre tea.

Organizer: 2 g of Qingshan Lvshui (Klebularia lobata), 2 g of gardenia, 3 g of red clever plum, etc.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and clearing heart.

Application: Suitable for people with hot and humid constitution.

Yang deficiency constitution: always cold hands and feet, do not dare to eat cold things.

Quiet and introverted.

These are yang deficiency constitutions.

Recommended scented tea: Peiyuan impotence tea.

Composition: 3 grams of Kang Xianhua, ginseng flowers, 2 grams of Tianshan Snow Lotus, etc.

Efficacy: kidney and impotence, strong vitality.

Application: Suitable for the group of Yang Deficiency.

Yin deficiency constitution: Afraid of heat (frequently feeling hot in hands and feet), flushing or reddening of cheeks, dry skin, dry mouth, prone to insomnia, often dry stool, mostly belong to Yin deficiency constitution.

Recommended flower tea: Ziyin Yangrong tea.

Composition: 2 grams each of calendula and Kangsin, 1 gram of American ginseng, 2 stevia, etc.

Efficacy: nourishing yin, moistening dryness, nourishing qi and vitality.

Application: Suitable for groups of Yin deficiency.

Tea is one of the healthiest beverages, and its tea treatment efficacy is not to be underestimated. Tea conditioning is definitely one of the healthiest ways.

Da Bei Nong (002385) Important Matters-Approval of Safety Certificate for Commercialization of Genetically Modified Maize

Da Bei Nong (002385) Important Matters-Approval of Safety Certificate for Commercialization of Genetically Modified Maize

The holding subsidiary officially approved the safety certificate of genetically modified corn. If all goes well, 1-2 years later, 北京桑拿it will gradually begin to make profits through trait authorization fees, and it is expected to maintain a high market share in the trait authorization market for a long time.

The main business trough has passed, and both feed and pig breeding businesses are expected to release earnings elasticity.

Revise down 2019/20 profit forecast and raise TP to 9.

3 yuan, raised the rating to “buy”.

With the approval of the safety certificate, the commercialization of genetically modified corn can be expected.

On January 21, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the 2019 approval list for agricultural genetically modified organisms safety certificate (production application), which includes the DBN9936 double-resistant corn traits of the company’s holding subsidiary Beijing Dabeinong Biotechnology Company.

DBN9936 has been tested to have good resistance to major lepidopteran pests of corn (including Spodoptera frugiperda), and can tolerate 4 times the glyphosate recommended by the label, with a significant commercial value.

With reference to the commercialization path of GM cotton, we expect that the subsequent industrialization may require the interaction of the safety certificate application of the derivative line, variety approval, and seed production; if all goes well, GM corn seeds may begin in 1 to 2 years.Sales; correspondingly, the company may make a profit by accepting trait authorization fees and selling genetically modified corn seeds.

Considering that GM technology has both significant trait advantages and high barriers (long R & D cycles and high capital expenditure), the only company in China has been granted a safety certificate for GM corn traits. We expect the company to maintain trait authorization in the short term.The high market share of the market fully benefits from the commercialization of genetically modified corn.

The main business trough has passed, and the performance flexibility will be released.

1) Feed sales: Rising pig prices will improve the profitability of breeding, increase the enthusiasm for supplementation, and gradually replace more sophisticated.

According to the statistics of the Feed Industry Association, since September 2019, the decline in the sales volume of pig feed of inspection companies has gradually narrowed, and the chain has continued to grow, and the improvement of the sow feed and piglet feed has been particularly obvious.

The company’s feed sales are mainly based on sow feed and piglet feed. It is expected that the business situation will increase quarter by quarter since 19Q4.

2) Pig breeding: In 2019, the company will successively promote the start of its pig farm projects in Shaanxi, Henan and other places, transform the old factory for renovation, and its sow inventory capacity will continue to increase.

At the end of June 2019, the company and its joint-stock companies were able to breed sows in the inventory by about 5.

490,000, the reserve sow inventory is 11.

910,000 heads.

It is estimated that by the end of 2019, the company’s breeding sow inventory has increased to 100,000 to 100,000 heads.

In addition, the company’s fixed assets and construction in progress have continued to grow since 19Q2, showing that its pig house construction has progressed in an orderly manner.

Based on comprehensive analysis, we expect the company’s hog production volume to gradually increase during the upward period of pig prices, and its hog breeding business is expected to increase in volume and profit in 2020.

Risk factors: Pig prices fail to meet expectations; feed sales growth does not meet expectations; seed promotion fails to meet expectations.

Investment suggestion: Considering that the number of pigs slaughtered by the company was higher than expected due to the non-epidemic situation, we revised down the net profit forecast for 2019/20 to 6.


200杭州夜网论坛 million (was 9).


600 million), maintaining the net profit forecast for 2021 to 30.

900 million.

As the company’s share repurchase results in changes in share capital, the company’s 2019/20/21 EPS forecast will be adjusted to 0 accordingly.



74 yuan (was 0.



73 yuan).

Considering that the company’s main business has crossed the trough period and the commercialization of genetically modified corn traits has made breakthrough progress, we give 16x PE in 2020 and raise the target price to 9.

3 yuan, raised the rating to “buy”.

Great Wall Motor (601633): Contradictory growth in sales volume, significant expansion in capacity channel expansion

Great Wall Motor (601633): Contradictory growth in sales volume, significant expansion in capacity channel expansion
The company’s sales volume in June 2019 increased against the trend, maintaining the “overweight” rating. On July 10, the company released its June 2019 production and sales data. In June, the company achieved wholesale sales of about 6.330,000, at least +1.79%; gradually wholesale sales in the first half of about 49.350,000 vehicles, +4 per year.67%.According to the data of the China Federation of Passenger Transport Associations, the domestic wholesale sales of general passenger cars in June 2019 were several times -8.4%, gradually wholesale sales in the first half of the year -14%.Under the overall market fluctuations, the company’s sales performance far exceeds the industry.We believe that thanks to the incremental contributions from the Haval F-series and Euler series models, the company’s sales performance in 2019 is expected to continue to outperform the industry, achieving revenue and market share improvement. We expect the company’s EPS in 2019-21 to be 0.49/0.60/0.77 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level! Haval F-series and Euler series contributed the main increase, and sales of WEY series models continued to increase. Haval F-series and Euler series models became the company’s main sales growth force.In June 2019, the Haval series achieved sales of 4.50,000 vehicles, +7 per year.44%; sales of H6 and F7 were about 2 respectively.71 and 1.10,000 units; Euler series R1 and iQ achieved sales of 3198 and 564 units respectively; WEY series models sold a total of 6,755 units to -35.55%, elongation.According to the company’s exchanges, the company will launch new models such as WEY VV7 GT, Haval coupe SUV F7x and Euler R2 in 2019. At the same time, there will be more than 10 modifications and upgrades based on existing models. We believe that Haval, which will be launched in 2018The F-series models continue to climb and new models are launched. The company’s sales performance in 2019 is expected to continue to surpass the industry and achieve market share increase. The blueprint for the realization of the layout of the eight major domestic bases in China, the Russian factory put into production and develop overseas markets. According to the company’s official website, on February 20, Great Wall Holding Group signed a cooperation agreement with Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province.With an investment of 8 billion U.S. dollars, it will build complete vehicles, interior and exterior trims, and chassis manufacturing.The company currently has three major bases in Baoding, Xushui, Tianjin, and Yongchuan. The bases will be completed and put into production at the end of 2019. In addition, Zhangjiagang, Rizhao Heping Lake and other bases 厦门夜网 are planned. In the future, the company will form eight major vehicle production bases, covering SUVs and pickups.And new energy. On June 5, the company’s planned Tula plant in Russia, with an annual output of 150,000 vehicles, was officially completed and put into production, marking the company’s entry into a new phase of strategy.We believe that the company’s production capacity continues to expand against the backdrop of declining sales in the domestic industry, demonstrating the company’s confidence in long-term development. Industry competition intensifies, performance growth may be pressured. According to reports, Sohu Automobile reported that the Haval brand will open more than 100 new stores from June to July. We believe that the company’s sales channels have expanded against the trend, showing the company’s Haval brand’s competitive strength and future growth potential. In 2019H1, domestic passenger cars are gradually being wholesaled at -14%. We believe that under the background of declining industry sales, the trend of fierce competition will continue, and the company’s overall profitability will be under pressure. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers will be about 44 in 2019-21.88/55.08/69.9.9 billion (down 25.52% / 25.62% / 18.87%), the corresponding EPS is 0.49/0.60/0.77 yuan, comparable companies in the industry are estimated to average about 17 in 2019.5X PE, the company is the leader in SUV, the growth rate of sales in 2019H1 far exceeds the industry, giving the company 20-22X PE earnings in 2019, with a target price range of 9.8?10.78 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating. Risk reminder: SUV market competition intensifies, the company’s new model launch progress exceeds expectations, and the development of the automotive industry is gradually expected.

Jinyu Medical (603882): The semi-annual report performance exceeded expectations and was brave enough to transform into a new stage

Jinyu Medical (603882): The semi-annual report performance exceeded expectations and was brave enough to transform into a new stage
The semi-annual report performance exceeded expectations, and the company has the courage to transform and enter a new stage.4.3 billion (+20.26%), the growth rate is 1pp higher than last year. Net profit attributable to mother 1.7.2 billion (+78.92%), an increase of 55p over last year.Deduct non-net profit 1.6.2 billion (+ 115%), an increase of 80pp compared to last year.Mainly in the face of competition pressure from the industry, the company has the courage to change. After the phase of horse race enclosure gradually ended, it began the development of multi-projects and entered the stage of refined management and progressive development.Net cash inflow from operating activities in the first half of the year was 1.5.6 billion (+ 36%), the slower growth rate of cash flow than the growth of net profit was mainly due to the slow season in the first quarter, the hospital’s cash repayment was slow, and the cash flow repayment had a certain lag. The gross profit margin has increased, and the expense ratio has fallen. Large companies with R & D expenditures reported gross profit margins of 39 in half a year.8%, +0 from the middle of last year.8pp, + 1pp compared to the end of last year.The increase in gross profit margin is due to the increase in the proportion of high-end customers (top three hospitals), and the high-end customers are not highly sensitive to price. In response to the increase in the proportion of high-end projects, the high-end special inspection has significantly improved the gross profit margin than the general inspection, which tends to be low for some gross margins.The 西安耍耍网 project carried out an active strategic abandonment.Selling expense ratio 15.1%, compared to last year’s average and -0 at the end of last year.5pp, management expense ratio 9.48%, -0 from the end of last year.3pp, mainly due to the scale effect of faster income growth. R & D expense ratio 5.69%, a decrease of 0 from the end of last year.9pp, R & D investment is rising in the long run, and it is slightly affected by the project in the short term.The company continuously develops and introduces new high-precision inspection projects, which is conducive to the improvement of net profit margins. It has established research platforms such as pathology, genes, mass spectrometry, and other new diagnostic services such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, replacement therapy, and immunotherapy. The scale of the industry leader is significant, and the policy promotes inspection to reduce costs. In the long run, the company is in the industry leader with a large scale advantage and can well control costs.Driven by policies such as medical insurance control fees and disease research, the advantages of third-party laboratory leaders have gradually been realized. Earnings forecast and investment rating are expected to be 0 for 2019-2021.79, 1.00, 1.26 yuan, the corresponding PE is 58.0, 45.5, 36.4 times.Give “Buy” rating and target price of 47.4 yuan. Risk Warning: Price Outsourcing

Eating proper trotters for the elderly can keep you healthy

Eating proper trotters for the elderly can keep you healthy

The trotter protein content is very high, it also contains a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other nutrients, with blood, lubricating the skin, strong waist and legs, very suitable for elderly and frail blood.

  The large amount of collagen in the trotters can prevent the skin from drying up and wrinkling; at the same time, it enhances the elasticity and improvement of the skin and delays skin aging.

  In addition, the trotters contain a large amount of glycine, this substance has a certain calming effect, can alleviate the symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia and so on implanted in a large number of elderly people.

  The elderly with arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease do not prevent eating trotters 1-2 times a week to replace other meats, which can both relieve diarrhea and replace enough collagen.

Elderly people with chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, and gallstones should not eat trotters.

  In addition, when making trotters, a little vinegar can be added to make the proteins in the trotters easily digested, absorbed and used by the human body.

Enjoy natural beauty treatments at the spa in the kitchen

Enjoy natural beauty treatments at the spa in the kitchen

Guide: Through the improvement of living standards, beauty health has entered the homes of ordinary people.

After a busy day, let the skin relax and make a beauty skin care spa is really a treat.

However, beauty SPA does not have to be done in the health museum, and you can also do SPA for the skin at home. Let’s take a look together.

  Don’t let busy work reduce your good mood for enjoying life. You can have fun every time you say “wash your hands and cook the soup”. The kiwi fruit that you can’t eat in the kitchen, the remaining cream or the cucumber head to throw away.Children are all natural skin care artifacts. When you are busy, do some fun things and do SPA for your skin.

  1. Banana milkshake The smell of banana has soothing effect. It is called “happy fruit”. It is best to eat it when you are down.

And milk has a good moisturizing effect. Adding them to a blender and mixing them into a milkshake-like form is a good healing aroma mask.

  2. Yogurt Yogurt Yogurt can be regarded as the king of fruits. It is recognized that there are many VCs that can effectively whiten the skin, and the flora in yogurt has the effect of gently removing old keratin, and put them together and crushAfter applying it on a wooden board, it can easily clean the skin.

  3. Sweet exfoliating honey honey has a good emollient effect, and it has a relatively strong tension on the face, which can lift false wrinkles.

The white sugar of the dogs can gradually melt when massaged into the skin. It is a very mild scrub product, which can reduce the rough skin caused by uneven keratin accumulation on the skin surface.

  4. Grape Antioxidant Massage Cream The effect of grape antioxidants is well known, and in high-grade grape estates, there will also be grape body SPA. Normal skin, meat, and seeds are mixed together and crushed, which is used to massage the body.Achieve good anti-oxidant, exfoliating effect, and pleasant smell.

  5, protein pore shrink film to make pan-silvered fish, how to do with a lot of egg white, of course, stir it with flour to make a pore shrink mask, two kinds of ingredients I believe that every kitchen will have, egg white has convergence, Anti-inflammatory effect, can effectively shrink large pores, flour can increase its adhesion.

  6. The warm steam of black tea replaces the open tea bag with hot water and steams the face with steam containing tea polyphenols. It is the simplest steam SPA. The pores can only have good skin if they are not separated, so let the skin do it once a week. “: “Action, the waste can be discharged to make the skin better absorb the follow-up skin care products.

  Message from the editor: Only by doing a good job of skin care can we make our skin moist, smooth, and nourished anytime, anywhere.