It’s easy to feel mental exhaustion in winter, sleep better than eating it.


It’s easy to feel mental exhaustion in winter, sleep better than eating it.

In winter, people tend to feel mentally tired. At this time, even if they sleep more, they will feel sleepy. So how should people be refreshed in life?

Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

4 ways to help you refresh, do scalp exercises, morning and evening, insist on head massage, can eliminate brain drowsiness.

The method is as follows: use the hands and fingers to turn from front to back, massage from the middle to the sides for 10 times; then take a short distance to the back and grab 3 times; finally gently massage 5 times.

Similar to the scalp, you can also do fists and release the consequences of weakness.

That is, the fist is tight, placed behind the ear, near the back of the center of the skull at the back of the ear, close your eyes, head back, feel the fist to support the strength of the head, relax, and even tap the top of the finger to the topThe golden triangle thymus area of the nipple can instantly relieve the suffocation of the chest, and the chest is broad and full of spirit.

2, travel farsighted to relieve fatigue is best to increase sensory stimulation.

When you are at the time, you can walk outside and enjoy the natural scenery.

Doing more vision can bring good stimulation to the vision and help to eliminate sleepiness.

Driving or working tired, learning to be boring, you can listen to your favorite passionate music, which helps stimulate hearing.

When you feel mentally tired, apply some cool oil, wind oil, etc. on your temples, and you can instantly wake up and help you with sleepiness.

3, diet should be light winter, eat more fresh, easy to digest vegetables, such as carrots, leeks, cabbage, medlar and so on.

Add some onions, ginger, garlic and other ingredients during cooking, and also have dampness and promote blood circulation.

4, should be scientifically use the brain when the mind is confused, you may wish to put down the work at hand, let the left brain get proper relaxation.

At this point, you can listen to music, do sports, and let the right brain be activated.

What is the food for relieving fatigue? 1. Beans iron can produce human energy and is responsible for delivering oxygen to organs and muscles.

If iron deficiency can cause anemia, dizziness and fatigue symptoms.

Pig liver and lean meat are the best ways to supplement iron.

In addition, eating red beans, black beans or soybeans can also supplement iron and relieve fatigue.

2, spinach spinach has a lot of mineral magnesium that women will lack.

If the magnesium supplemented by a female friend does not reach 280 mg per day, people will naturally feel tired and weak.

Magnesium converts muscle attachments into energy in our body and can be used by us.

3, bananas can also alleviate fatigue Bananas are known as “high-energy foods”, which contain a residue and potassium that are easily absorbed by the human body.

Potassium helps maintain muscle and nerve function in our body, but it can’t be stored for too long. After we exercise, potassium will decrease.

Too low potassium can cause muscle pain and slow response. Eating bananas can add potassium to the body.

4, strawberry strawberry has vitamin C, vitamin C can help our body absorb iron, cells can nourish it can make people full of body.

Finally, tuna, tuna is infused with tyrosine, which causes the brain to transmit substances that make people full and cause concentration.

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Abdominal massage promotes fat breakdown

“Abdominal massage” promotes fat breakdown

The biggest reason for obesity is to eat too much.
But in fact, the gastrointestinal or pancreatic function is often worse.
銆€銆€Gastrointestinal dysfunction can cause water to be lost in the body, causing excess water to accumulate in the body, and the decomposition of fat can not function properly.
70%-80% of obese patients have a tendency to constipation, which is also due to imperfect bowel function.
銆€銆€In addition, the lower pancreatic function will lead to the deficiency of hormones (insulin) that convert sugar into heat, so not only the metabolism of sugar, but also the metabolism of fat, protein, water and minerals, the result is that the human bodyOvereating for energy supplements, resulting in weight gain.
Therefore, it is also true that diabetes is a partner of obesity.
銆€銆€In order to strengthen the gastrointestinal function, we can compress and rub the two points of 鈥淶hong鈥?and 鈥淢oisture鈥?on the front line of the navel. The middle acupoint can solve the fatigue stomach disorder that is common in modern people and can improve the decomposition of fat.effect.
The water hole can promote water metabolism, and has the effect of eliminating excess “moisture” of the whole body.
The “Shimen” hole just below the navel is very effective in improving pancreatic function.
It can also be pressed and rubbed like the scorpion and moisture.
銆€銆€Next, the four fingers except the thumb are overlapped, and the circle is drawn clockwise from the upper part of the navel to the navel, and moderately rubbed.
This can stimulate the “Da Heng” and “Scorpio” points, which is very effective in solving constipation.
銆€銆€Finally, “abdominal massage.”
Press the left and right alternately from the two ribs to the navel, then shake your hands.
“Abdominal massage” is very effective in promoting the metabolism of subcutaneous fat.
銆€銆€The above actions are a set.
When lying on the back, the knees are gently bent for 3 sets.

太极养生 详解陈氏太极拳六招式动作要领


鑰岄檲姘忓お鏋佹嫵24寮忓張鏄叾涓殑浣间郊鑰咃紝閭d箞闄堟皬澶瀬鎷崇殑鎷涘紡鏄粈涔堝憿?闄堟皬澶瀬鎷虫€庝箞缁冨憿?涓嬮潰灏忕紪涓烘偍浠嬬粛闄堟皬澶瀬鎷?4寮忎腑鐨?澶ф嫑寮忥紝涓€璧锋潵瀛﹀鍚с€傘€€銆€闄堟皬澶瀬鎷崇涓€鎷涳細璧峰娍銆€銆€1銆佽韩浣撹嚜鐒剁洿绔嬶紝涓よ剼寮€绔嬶紝涓庤偐鍚屽锛岃剼灏栧悜鍓嶃€備袱鑷傝嚜鐒朵笅鍨傦紝涓ゆ墜鏀惧湪澶ц吙澶栦晶銆侺ook straight ahead.

澶撮姝g洿锛屼笅棰忓井鍚戝悗鏀讹紝涓嶈鏁呮剰鎸鸿兏鎴栨敹鑵广€傘€€銆€2銆佷袱鑷傛參鎱㈠悜鍓嶅钩涓撅紝涓ゆ墜楂樹笌鑲╁钩锛屼笌鑲╁悓瀹斤紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅銆傘€€銆€3銆佷笂浣撲繚鎸佹鐩达紝涓よ吙灞堣啙涓嬭共銆傚悓鏃朵袱鎺岃交杞讳笅闉嶏紝涓よ倶涓嬪瀭涓庝袱鑶濈浉瀵广€傜溂骞崇湅鍓嶆柟銆備袱鑲╀笅娌夛紝涓よ倶鏉惧瀭锛屾墜鎸囪嚜鐒跺井鍘汇€傚眻鑶濇澗鑵帮紝鑷€閮ㄤ笉鍙嚫鍑猴紝韬綋閲嶅績钀戒簬涓よ吙涓棿銆傘€€銆€闄堟皬澶瀬鎷崇浜屾嫑锛氬乏鍙抽噹椹垎楝冦€€銆€1銆佷笂浣撳井鍚戝彸杞紝韬綋閲嶅績绉昏嚦鍙宠吙涓娿€傚悓鏃跺彸鑷傛敹鍦ㄨ兏鍓嶅钩灞堬紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅锛屽乏鎵嬬粡浣撳墠鍚戝彸涓嬪垝寮ц嚦鍙虫墜涓嬶紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笂锛屼袱鎵嬪績鐩稿鎴愭姳鐞冪姸銆傚乏鑴氶殢鍗虫敹鍒板彸鑴氬唴渚э紝鑴氬皷鐐瑰湴銆係ee your right hand.

銆€銆€2銆佷笂浣撳井鍚戝乏杞紝宸﹁剼鍚戝乏鍓嶆柟杩堝嚭锛屽彸鑴氳窡鍚庤宫锛屽彸鑵胯嚜鐒朵几鐩达紝鎴愬乏寮撴銆傚悓鏃朵笂浣撶户缁悜宸﹁浆锛屽乏鍙虫墜闅忚浆浣撴參鎱㈠垎鍒悜宸︿笂銆佸彸涓嬪垎寮€锛屽乏鎵嬮珮涓庣溂骞?鎵嬪績鏂滃悜涓?锛岃倶寰眻銆傚彸鎵嬭惤鍦ㄥ彸鑳梺锛岃倶涔熷井灞堬紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅锛屾寚灏栧悜鍓嶃€傜溂鐪嬪乏鎵嬨€傘€€銆€3銆佷笂浣撴參鎱㈠悗鍧愶紝韬綋閲嶅績绉昏嚦鍙宠吙锛屽乏鑴氬皷缈樿捣锛屽井鍚戝鎾?澶х害45°–60°)锛岄殢鍚庤剼鎺屾參鎱㈣笍瀹烇紝宸﹁吙鎱㈡參鍓嶅紦锛岃韩浣撳乏杞紝韬綋涓績鍐嶇Щ鑷冲乏鑵裤€傚悓鏃跺乏鎵嬬炕杞悜涓嬶紝宸﹁噦鏀跺湪鑳稿墠骞冲眻锛屽彸鎵嬪悜宸︿笂鍒掑姬鑷冲乏鎵嬩笅锛屼袱鎵嬪績鐩稿鎴愭姳鐞冪姸銆傚彸鑴氶殢鍗虫敹鍒板乏鑴氬唴渚э紝鑴氬皷鐐瑰湴銆傜溂鐪嬪乏鎵嬨€傘€€銆€4銆佸彸鑵垮悜鍙冲墠鏂硅繄鍑猴紝宸﹁吙鑷劧浼哥洿锛屾垚鍙冲伐閮ㄣ€傚悓鏃朵笂浣撳彸杞紝宸﹀彸鎵嬮殢杞綋鍒嗗埆鎱㈡參鍚戝乏涓嬨€佸彸涓婂垎寮€锛屽彸鎵嬮珮涓庣溂骞?鎵嬪績鏂滃悜涓?锛岃倶寰眻銆傚乏鎵嬭惤鍦ㄥ乏鑳梺锛岃倶涔熷井灞堬紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅锛屾寚灏栧悜鍓嶃€係ee your right hand.
銆€銆€闄堟皬澶瀬鎷崇涓夋嫑锛氱櫧楣や寒缈呫€€銆€1銆佷笂浣撳井鍚戝乏杞紝宸︽墜缈绘帉鍚戜笅锛屽乏鑷傚钩灞堣兏鍓嶏紝鍙虫墜鍚戝乏涓婂垝寮э紝鎵嬪績杞悜涓婏紝涓庡乏鎵嬫垚鎶辩悆鐘躲€傜溂鐪嬪乏鎵嬨€傘€€銆€2銆佸彸鑴氳窡杩涘崐姝ワ紝涓婁綋鍚庡潗锛岃韩浣撻噸蹇冪Щ鑷冲彸鑵匡紝涓婁綋鍏堝悜鍙宠浆锛岄潰鍚戝彸鍓嶆柟锛孲ee your right hand.
鐒跺悗宸﹁剼绋嶅悜鍓嶇Щ锛岃剼灏栫偣鍦帮紝鎴愬乏铏氭锛屽悓鏃朵笂浣撳啀寰悜宸﹁浆锛岄潰鍚戝墠鏂癸紝涓ゆ墜闅忚浆浣撴參鎱㈠悜鍙充笂銆佸乏涓嬪垎寮€锛屽彸鎵嬩笂鎻愬仠浜庡彸棰濆墠锛屾墜蹇冨悜宸﹀悗鏂癸紝宸︽墜钀戒簬宸﹁儻鍓嶏紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅锛屾寚灏栧悜鍓嶃€傜溂骞崇湅鍓嶆柟銆傘€€銆€闄堟皬澶瀬鎷崇鍥涙嫑锛氭墜鎸ョ惖鐞躲€€銆€鍙宠剼璺熻繘鍗婃锛屼笂浣撳悗鍧愶紝韬綋閲嶅績杞嚦鍙宠吙涓婏紝涓婁綋鍗婇潰鍚戝彸杞紝宸﹁剼鐣ユ彁璧风◢鍚戝墠绉伙紝鍙樻垚宸﹁櫄姝ワ紝鑴氳窡鐫€鍦帮紝鑴氬皷缈樿捣锛岃啙閮ㄥ井灞堛€傚悓鏃跺乏鎵嬬敱宸︿笅鍚戜笂鎸戜妇锛岄珮涓庨蓟灏栧钩锛屾帉蹇冨悜鍙筹紝鑷傚井灞堛€傚彸鎵嬫敹鍥炴斁鍦ㄥ乏鑲橀噷渚э紝鎺屽績鍚戝乏銆侺ook at the index finger of the left hand.

銆€銆€The fifth measure of Chen’s Taijiquan: 1 above and below the upper roll, the upper body turns right, the right hand turns the palm (the palm is up), and the arc is lifted from the bottom to the back through the abdomen. The arm is slightly bent, and the left hand then turns over the palm.

The eye’s line of sight passes through the right turn and looks to the right, then turns to the front to see the left hand.

銆€銆€2, the right arm bends the elbow to the front, the right hand pushes forward from the ear side, the palm of the hand moves forward, the left arm bends the elbow and then withdraws, the palm is upward, and the left side of the left rib is withdrawn.

At the same time, the left leg gently lifts back (left) to step back, the sole of the foot touches the ground first, then the whole foot is slowly steadily, the body weight is moved to the left leg, and the right foot is stepped, and the right foot is rotated with the sole of the foot as the axis.銆傜溂鐪嬪彸鎵嬨€傘€€銆€3, the upper body slightly turns left, while the left hand with the swivel to the upper back arc flat, the palm up, the right hand immediately palm, palm up.

The eye turns to the left and then turns to the front to see the right hand.

銆€銆€The sixth measure of Chen’s Taijiquan: the left-handed tail, the body continues to turn to the right, the left hand naturally gradually turns over the palm of the abdomen before the arc to the left rib, the palm up.

The left arm is bent elbow, the palm of the hand is turned down, and the chest is closed to the right chest.

At the same time, the center of gravity falls on the right leg, the left foot receives the right foot, and the toes point to the ground.

鐪肩湅鍙虫墜銆傘€€銆€2, the upper body slightly turns left, the left foot to the left front, the upper body continues to turn left, the right leg is naturally straight, the left leg bends the knee, into the left lunge.

At the same time, the left arm is pulled out to the left front (ie, the left arm is flattened into an arch shape, and is pushed forward with the outside of the forearm and the back of the hand), the height is flat and the palm is backward.

The right hand is tilted to the right next to the right side, with the palms down and the fingertips forward.

Look at the left forearm.

When throwing out, both arms are kept curved before and after.

The breakup, the loose waist, and the bow and leg must be coordinated.

When the tail is stepped, the two heels are more than 10 cm in lateral distance.

銆€銆€3, the body slightly turned left, the left hand then forwards the palm down, the right hand palm up, through the abdomen forward, forward to the left forearm.

Then both hands squat, that is, the upper body turns to the right, and both hands are arced to the right and the upper back through the abdomen, until the right hand palm is up, the shoulder is high, the left arm is flat on the chest, and the palm is backward.

At the same time, the body’s center of gravity moves to the right leg.

鐪肩湅鍙虫墜銆俉hen squatting, the upper body should not be tilted forward, and the back should not protrude.

The lower arm of the two arms must rotate with the waist and still follow the arc.

The left foot is on the ground.

銆€銆€4, the upper body slightly turns left, the right arm bends back and elbows, the right hand is attached to the inside of the left wrist (about 5 cm apart), the upper body continues to turn left, the hands slowly expand forward at the same time, the left hand is right, the right handThe heart is forward and the left forearm remains semicircular.

At the same time, the body’s center of gravity gradually moved forward to become a lunge.

Look at the left wrist.

When squeezing forward, the upper body should be straight.

The action of squeezing should be consistent with the loose waist and the bow legs.

銆€銆€5, the left hand turns the palm, the palm is down, the right hand is moved forward by the left wrist, tilted to the right, the height is the same as the left hand, the palm is down, the two hands are separated, the width is the same as the shoulder.

Then the right leg bends, the upper body slowly sits back, the body’s center of gravity moves to the right leg, and the left toe tilts.

At the same time, both hands are bent back to the abdomen, and the palms are forward and downward.

Look straight ahead.

銆€銆€6, the upper type does not stop, the body’s center of gravity slowly moves forward, while both hands forward, press up, palm forward.

The left leg is bowed to the left.

鐪煎钩鐪嬪墠鏂广€俉hen pressing forward, the two hands must follow the curve, the wrist is high and the shoulder is flat, and the elbow is slightly flexed.

Seven sports to help you have sexy hips


Seven sports to help you have sexy hips

The chest can be said to be a very important part of a woman’s body, but the hips of many Asian women are naturally short. When slimming, the chest can’t lose fat. The key is to strengthen the training of the buttocks muscles, so that you can have sexy hips.

銆€銆€The following small series tells you how to focus on the convenient and quick hip method.

Let you practice tightly and firm your hips, and the glamour index will burst into a beautiful buttock queen.

How can you miss the beautiful MM?


Climbing the stairs and thin hips I personally think that climbing stairs is also a very good method of thin buttocks, because the action of climbing stairs can exercise the muscles on both sides of the buttocks and tighten your hips.

When you get off work, you can walk up the stairs and develop the living habits. It is a good fitness method for those who don’t like sports.


Practicing yoga and thin hip training yoga can be a good shape for the body, for a MM who does not love to go out is a good choice.

Because yoga is not very demanding on the venue, you can practice yoga on the floor.

If you want to slim your hips, you can practice the action of thin hip swimming. When you have time to practice at home, you can achieve the purpose of thin buttocks, and you can exercise, very good.


When you are in high school, you have tried many high-lifting exercises.

In fact, for the big hip MM, getting up and doing high leg lift every day is also a good way to thin hips.

High leg movement can effectively exercise the hip muscles and achieve the purpose of extending the chest.

So when we get up every day, we can do five sets of high leg lifts, each set of two clocks. After one week, you will find that the muscles of your shoulders are firm.


Wearing high heels and thin buttocks Many women like to wear high heels. High heels can not only make women look taller, but they can also exercise to the shoulders.

According to American studies, women who walk in high heels will unconsciously close their hips, effectively making the buttocks muscles strong.

If you want to slim your hips, you can wear high heels for 30 minutes every day, and you will have unexpected effects.

But I personally don’t recommend that women wear high heels every day, not very good for their feet.


Choosing the right food for thin buttocks medical research, if our body is not well metabolized, it will be easier to accumulate the body’s accumulated water and trace amounts in the lower body, and it will become bigger forward.

I want to slim down my knees, we have to eat right.

We need to eat more fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to reduce constipation.

Using unsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated fat, I can use olive oil, starch, linseed oil, walnut oil, etc. instead of animal fat, or let us insert vertically.

It is also possible to eat more fish. Compared to other meats, the fish has a very low volume and can promote metabolism and enhance the unfortunate consumption in the body.

Therefore, I suggest that you want to look at the thin buttocks and pay more attention to your diet.


Do a lot of thin buttocks on the web, but I personally recommend the following, its effect is most obvious.

Thin hip movement: slender, the right side of the body is balanced by a chair or wall.

Lift your left foot and grab the foot pedal with your left hand.

With the body in balance, lift your left hip and restore your knees together for 30 seconds.

Repeat each leg twice.

銆€銆€When you have nothing to do at home, you can do more, so that you can practice for half an hour every day, and you can take a break when you are tired.

After practicing this week, you will find that your hips are getting tighter.


Learning a thin hip dance and dancing friends can learn Latin dance. The hip dance in the Latin dance has many movements, which can exercise well to your hip muscles and promote some extra consumption.
And the movement of the Latin dance is very beautiful, and it has a very good effect on the extension and extension of the hip line.
Can help you shape the perfect chest line.

Some way to deepen sleep


Some way to deepen sleep

Punctuality To keep your biological clock synchronized, no matter how long or how long you sleep, please get up at the same time every day.

銆€銆€If you go to bed on Friday and Saturday nights until the early hours of the next day, you may suffer from “week insomnia.”

Early in the morning on the bed, my eyes were shining, and I couldn’t help but fall asleep.

The harder you work, the more you feel tired.

銆€銆€When travel or work breaks the rules of the day, you should try to maintain the habit of regular meals and sleep, and restore your daily routine as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Timed exercise can improve sleep by relieving tension during the day and causing complications to relax.

銆€銆€People who often participate in physical exercise sleep better and deeper than those who do not exercise regularly, but you don’t have to deliberately pursue excessive fatigue.

At least three days a week, 20 times each time?
A 30-minute walk, work, swim or bike ride should be your goal 鈥?a minimum cardiovascular benefit.

銆€銆€But don’t wait until it’s too late to exercise.

The ideal exercise time is later in the afternoon or early in the evening, when physical exercise can help you adjust from daytime stress to nighttime pleasure.

銆€銆€Reduce the absorption of stimulants If you love coffee, please drink the last cup of coffee in the day before 8 hours (6 pm) before going to bed.

Its excitement will be at 2?
The peak is reached after 4 hours and lasts for several hours.

Taking caffeine at night makes it harder to sleep or to sleep deeply and increases the number of wake-ups.

銆€銆€However, caffeine is not the only food that affects sleep.

There is a ursine in chocolate and cheese that can cause night palpitations.

Weight-loss drugs contain stimulants that keep you awake, and other drugs or drug reactions can also affect your sleep.

So if you take medication, ask your doctor if they will affect your sleep.

銆€銆€A good bedding with a good bedding can help you fall asleep, sleep well, and prevent neck and back from sleeping.

Please start with a good mattress.

Down products make you more comfortable and lighter than traditional bedding.

銆€銆€Please do not smoke research shows that heavy smokers are sleepless, easy to wake up, rare REM and deep NREM sleep.

Because the remaining nicotine can be inhaled after the last bite?
It loses its effect within 3 hours, so smokers often want to smoke at night.

Smokers change their smoking habits and gradually improve their sleep.

A study showed that if two packs of smokers quit smoking a day, their slumbering time would be cut in half.

銆€銆€Drinking soft drinks alone is the oldest and most widely used sleep aid.

Even many people are used to having a drink at night, otherwise it may mean trouble all night.

Excessive evening wine consumption makes it difficult to get to sleep, and drinking during sleep time makes it difficult to sleep well.

After the impact of the disappearance disappears, REM sleep (inhibited by alcohol) takes up other stages of sleep, so that the body does not get a deep rest, sleep will be divided and broken, and wake up alternately in the morning.

銆€銆€The pursuit of quality, rather than a six-hour quality sleep, can give the body a better rest than an eight-hour low-quality sleep.

Keeping your sleep time within the required range will deepen your sleep.

Please don’t think that you have to lie for eight hours. If you can get enough electricity for five hours, then thank you for your secret.

You are not a patient with insomnia, but a born short-term sleeper.

銆€銆€In the evening, throw away all the plans. If you are lying in bed thinking about what to do on the day or what to do next day, you should deal with these distractions before going to bed.

List the armor, and the armor reminds you of what to do and affects sleep when you don’t feel it.

銆€銆€Don’t go to bed at night when you are too full or too hungry. Gradually your digestive system will work overtime.
Although you feel embarrassed, it is very likely that you will go to sleep all night.

銆€銆€If you are on a diet, don’t go to bed at the time of the newborn.

The screaming stomach will stop you from sleeping all night like other physical discomforts, making it difficult to fall asleep.
Please eat low-calorie foods such as bananas or apples before going to bed.

銆€銆€Establish a “sleep ritual” before you fall asleep, and let go of all the worries of waking up.

Even children find that repeating activities such as praying every night or reading a storybook makes it easier to fall asleep.

銆€銆€鈥淪leeping Ceremony鈥?can be based on personal preference or complexity or simplicity, starting with a gentle stretch of the body to relax muscles or take a hot bath.

Maybe you like listening to music or flipping through books that are not horrible.

But no matter how you choose a certain way, remember to do it once a night until it becomes a hint of your body’s rest at night.

At the summer – summer to autumn to raise health strategy: 祛 moist lungs prevent autumn dry!

At the summer | summer to autumn health Raiders: 绁?moist lungs prevent autumn dry!

“At the end, it is also the end of the summer.”

The ancient book “Fangfang” said: “The yin is getting longer, and the heat will be sloppy.”

After the heat, the temperature gradually decreased, and the heat began to decline. The result was that the sky was high and the golden wind was cool.

There are both small heat, great heat, and small cold, big cold, and it is the solar energy that represents the transition from high heat to cold.

The transition is both sensitive and dangerous, and the success or failure is in this “transition period”, so: “There is no good heat, the consequences are very serious!

“So at the summer health care to moisten the lungs to prevent autumn dry!

This will introduce to everyone how to eat this solar terms, how to maintain health?

How to maintain a health, diet, dehumidification and conditioning in the body are generally greasy, fried, spicy food, as well as sticky and fatty things, are hot and humid samples.

If the seaweed is eaten unrestrained, the food in the stomach cannot be treated in time, and there will be hot and humid expressions such as heavy breath and sore throat.

It is advisable to eat light, digestible, hot and humid foods such as melon and glutinous rice.

After dampness and heat, you should cure the disease through spleen, and you can eat longan with porridge to supplement and transform.

Longan is warm, beneficial to the spleen, qi and blood, nourishing the role of nourishing.

The way to eat is to peel a bowl of longan, eat together with porridge.

2, body dehumidification First, dry in the rain or sweating in a timely manner, do not wear clothes that are not aligned, do not blow air conditioning to prevent foreign invasion.

Of course, exercise can speed up the excretion of moisture, running, walking, swimming, yoga, etc. are all good choices.

Note: Exercise should be chosen in the cooler morning and evening, to avoid excessive loss of sweat and loss of fluid.

3, press the acupuncture points to help dehumidification 1 socket of the pole spring point, located at the front end of the socket, the arm artery beats.

It is recommended to press 鎻?or toggle twice a day, each time over 36.

2 The calf’s Chengshan point, located at the tip of the toe, the sharp corner depression of the back muscle of the lower leg, can support the wall with one hand, slender one leg, kick the Chengshan point with the foot of the other leg, each time 5?
10 minutes.

The middle hole of the 3 knees is located at the center point of the leg, once it is swung or beated more than 36 times.

4, hydration, autumn, dryness, autumn, dry climate, the skin is particularly easy to dry, tear and even chapped in a dry environment.

The first thing we need to do at this time is to replenish water, drink plenty of water every day, or drink some soup to relieve autumn dryness; then bring a bottle of moisturizing spray in the bag, often spray a spray of skin and keep it moist; after bathing,Apply body moisturizing lotion in time to reduce skin moisture loss.

What to eat at the summer 1, silver ear pear rice porridge ingredients: water, rice, white fungus, pear, cooking oil, salt.

Practice: put about 1000ml of water in the pot, burn it to the water like a boil, rinse the rice with water, put it into the pot, add a little cooking oil and salt; boil over high heat, use a small spoon to go to the floating foam;Use cold water to make the ear leaves stretch and open, soak the good white fungus to remove the thick old roots, wash with water, put on the chopping board, use a knife to smash slightly; add the fine white fungus into the rice pot, useUse a small spoon to stir the porridge a few times. Turn to a low heat and cook until the porridge is thick. Pears are washed and peeled to the nucleus and cut into small diced.

Add the pear to the porridge; stir the porridge with a small spoon and continue to cook 3?
5 minutes.

Efficacy: Pear: sweet and sour acid, there is a moistening effect of heat and phlegm.

Tremella: It has the functions of moistening the intestines, benefiting the stomach, supplementing the qi and blood, strengthening the brain, refreshing, rejuvenating the skin and prolonging the life.

Rice is spleen and qi, and it is cooked as porridge. It has the functions of replenishing qi and strengthening spleen, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, and is a health food for preventing autumn dryness.

2, Lily duck raw materials: duck, lily, tamping content, 8 slices of ginger, salt according to personal taste.

Practice: Wash the lily and scorpion, cut the slaughtered duck, and pick it up; pour the water into the stew and boil it, put all the ingredients; stew for two hours, season with salt and finish.

Efficacy: Lily: sweet and bitter, clearing the fire and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, but also have a certain effect on the various diseases caused by the dry climate in autumn; duck meat: can nourish the filth of the five internal organs, clear and laborHeat, but also both blood and water, nourishing the stomach and sputum, cough and other effects; Lily stewed duck, mellow and moist, but also clear the body, very convenient to eat at this time.

3, red dates glutinous rice bran raw materials: red dates, medlar, glutinous rice, rock sugar, brown sugar.

Practice: Do not fry, no fumes, can you use a rice cooker?


And you absolutely can’t think of a toothpick that can be used like this!

Can you really do it?
What is the specific method? If you want to know more exciting content, please see the third tweet of this document, “Weird!

Use a toothpick to make a dish that prevents autumn dryness?
Efficacy: hydration, dehumidification, Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing Yin and nourishing blood.

a life-changing story


a life-changing story

We will encounter many setbacks and tribulations in our lives. Perhaps we think that when we are desperate, as long as we pay close attention to the turning point in many things, we will pin our hopes on fate. It is better to use our own strength to get out of the present.The vividness, in fact, some small truths have a profound impact on our decisions many times.

銆€銆€One day, a farmer’s nephew fell into the dry well.

The poor nephew screamed in the well for several hours, and the peasant was so anxious to turn around at the well, that is, there was no way to save it.

In the end, he categorically decided that the scorpion is old, and that the dry well should be filled up. It is not worth spending so much money to save the scorpion.

The farmer invited all his neighbors to help him fill the well.

Everyone grabbed the shovel and began to fill the hole.

銆€銆€What could happen to the scorpion soon? At first, it just cried in a panic and panicked.

After a while, what puzzled everyone was that it was quiet.

After a few squats, the peasant finally couldn’t help but look down the well, and the scene in front of him made him stunned.

銆€銆€Every shovel hit the soil on the back of the scorpion, and it was treated unexpectedly: it quickly shook it down and then slammed it with your feet.

In this way, it didn’t take long for the blind man to raise himself to the wellhead.

It jumped out and ran away.

Everyone present was amazed.

Hepatitis B has a variety of transmission routes.

Hepatitis B has a variety of transmission routes.

The spread of hepatitis B, in addition to infection through the digestive tract, may also be transmitted by blood through injection.
For example, blood transfusions, injections with dirty needles and syringes, needles, needles, surgical and dental instruments are not completely disinfected, etc., will spread hepatitis B.
Also, blood-sucking animals such as mosquitoes and bedbugs may spread hepatitis B.
Pregnant women infected with hepatitis B may pass the hepatitis B virus directly to the baby before, during and after childbirth.
Infected with hepatitis B in infants and young children, it is easy to form chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis, and may eventually develop into liver cancer.
銆€銆€Precautionary measures are as follows: 1. Injectables and medical devices should be strictly disinfected, soaked with only 75% alcohol, and wiping can not kill hepatitis B virus.
銆€銆€2, good blood transfusion, blood product quality.
Use the most sensitive method to check whether the blood source and blood products of blood transfusion contain hepatitis B virus to prevent entry into the human body; check the health status of professional blood donors at any time, and find that hepatitis B infection markers or hepatitis B virus surface antigen carriers cannot donate blood.
銆€銆€3. Cut off the spread of saliva.
It is a bad habit to catch the hepatitis B virus in the saliva of 50 to 80% of hepatitis B virus carriers. It is a bad habit to feed the child mouth-to-mouth. It should be stopped.
銆€銆€4. Block mother-to-child transmission.
If the mother-to-child transmission can be completely prevented, the number of anti-carriers on the surface of hepatitis B in China can be reduced by 1/3.
There are currently more than 100 million surface antigen carriers in the country.
The best way to prevent mother-to-child transmission is to inject a hepatitis B immunoglobulin immediately after birth, and then inject 1 hepatitis B vaccine at 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.
If there is no hepatitis B immunoglobulin, the simple injection of hepatitis B vaccine is also effective. The method is to inject one hepatitis B vaccine at birth and one month and two months after birth.
銆€銆€5. The main point of preventing the spread of hepatitis B through the fecal-鈫抪ortal route is basically the same as that of hepatitis A.
銆€銆€6, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas and other blood-sucking arthropods may also spread hepatitis B, should do a good job in family and environmental sanitation, bathing, changing clothes, diligent washing and drying.
銆€銆€7. Segregate and treat patients in time.
The isolation period of hepatitis B patients is longer than that of hepatitis A patients.

5 tips for raising growth and life, very ordinary sports, row 5, 1st, you, I often do


5 tips for raising growth and life, very ordinary sports, row 5, 1st, you, I often do

As the country ages, the nationals are increasingly concerned about raising their lives.

In fact, there are many ways to maintain health, mainly assisted by nursed back to health, which does not harm the body, nor does it cause economic burden, and is conducive to health and well-being.

There are many secrets to raising growth and life, but the most important thing is to nursed back to health. Below we have 5 common and most useful tips for growing growth, ranking 5th in sports, what is the number one?

Longevity Tip 5: Regular exercise often enhances physical fitness, increases perspiration, and facilitates the excretion of toxins from the body; in addition, regular exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, reduce the incidence of vascular disease; regular exercise causes physical excitement and reliefMental stress helps to live longer and healthier.

Longevity Tip 4: Quit smoking and alcohol, long-term smoking and drinking, endangering your health.

Smoking is prone to respiratory and lung diseases, and drinking causes certain effects on the liver.

Therefore, if you want to live a long and healthy life, it is important to avoid the two kinds of things as much as possible, and to quit smoking and alcohol as soon as possible.

Longevity Tip 3: Light diet often eats high sugar, high salt, high feces and other foods are not healthy, some chronic diseases have a lot to do with them, often eating will affect the health of the body and increase the chance of chronic diseases.

Therefore, if you want to live longer and healthier, try to eat less of these foods in your daily life. You can eat more light vegetables such as vegetables, fruits, and porridge, which is good for your health and health.

Longevity Tip 2: A nutritious breakfast is also important for health, and a nutritious breakfast is the beginning of the day.

After a night of energy consumption, the morning is the weakest body and the time when nutrition is most needed.

Therefore, nutritious breakfast is very important. It plays an important role in supplementing human nutrition and providing energy. It is necessary to eat healthy and longevity, and it is essential to eat nutritious breakfast. It is not easy to get stomach disease and help to maintain health.

The secret of longevity 1: early sleep early According to research, people who go to bed early and get up early have low levels of depression and health.

In fact, from 21:00 in the evening, the human body begins to enter the detoxification stage, and early sleep helps the body to detoxify early.

At 7:00-9:00 in the morning, the small intestine begins to absorb a lot of nutrients, which is the time to eat breakfast, which helps to supplement the nutrition.

Health and longevity have always been the goal everyone pursues, but the healthiest ways of health often have more healthy lifestyles and eating habits.

The above are the five secrets of raising growth and life. It is very common to change life, but not everyone can do it. If you persist in the long-term, your physical condition will gradually improve and help you grow your life.

In addition, do you have some tips for longevity?


Conservation of cervical vertebrae (collection)

How should office workers maintain the cervical spine?
Conservation of cervical vertebrae (collection)

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Xiao Zhang, 28, has been working as a secretary since graduating from college. It is a whole day to stare at the computer, and there is very little time for exercise.

Recently, there have been severe dizziness, complications, and symptoms of numbness in the right upper extremity. He came to the hospital for orthopedics and was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis.

Xiao Zhang began to panic, how should the office workers maintain the cervical vertebra?

Q: How do you judge if you have cervical spondylosis?

A: It can be judged by cervical X-ray examination.

The curvature of the cervical vertebrae displayed on the X-slice, that is, the curvature of the curved structure of the cervical vertebrae, which is normal and backward, can be used as one of the main judgments of cervical spondylosis.

Q: I can only take a nap on the table during lunch break during work. Is this damage to the cervical spine?

A: After a nap or work, some people reserve the conditions and can only kneel on the table, lean on the chair, or make a match on the sofa, causing damage to the cervical spine.

You can choose U-shaped leisure pillows, which are placed in the proper position and attached to the shoulders. When leaning against the seat, sofa or kneeling on the table, there is a strong support next to the human head and neck.The department returns to the state of natural stretching, and does not limit blood circulation. It can also avoid the fatigue caused by the overhead of the neck and shoulders and prevent cervical strain caused by poor posture of the cervical spine.

Q: Does wearing a neck brace help cervical spondylosis?

A: Wearing a cervical collar can limit the abnormal activity of the cervical vertebrae, increase stability, and reasonably limit certain protective effects.

In addition, the effective fixation of the cervical collar can also significantly supplement local and nerve root edema, relieve neck stiffness, dizziness, hand numbness and other symptoms of cervical spondylosis.

Some people feel that wearing a neck brace is not convenient, or can not insist on extending the repetition. In this case, intermittent overlap can be used to simultaneously protect the cervical vertebra while interrupting.

For example, every day is interrupted by 2?
3 times, each time 0.

1 hour.

Q: Is there a way to maintain the cervical spine that can be done during work?

A: In addition to timely diagnosis and treatment, no diabetes, low-head exercise, and more exercise, do not hinder the following daily neck care coups.

The soil method holds the cervical vertebra.

Sit next to the side, support the table with your elbows, hold your hands behind the jaws and ears, close your eyes, slowly do the lifting and lifting of the head up and back, lift for 10 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, eachDo 8 times?
10 times, 2 per day?
3 times.

This is equivalent to a simple self-cervical traction therapy, which has a certain effect on restoring abnormal curvature of the cervical spine.

The safety angle of the traction of the cervical spine is not more than 24 degrees. Therefore, when the cervical vertebra is pulled by the soil method, the angle of the neck back should not exceed 24 degrees.

Hold your head back.

The distal head is the main factor for the cervical curvature to become straight or even recurved. It is beneficial to the cervical vertebra health to do the posterior and posterior head movement.

In your spare time, hold your hands behind your head and try to do backwards and backwards, 12 times each time.
15 per day 2?
3 times.

Stretch your neck.

Office workers can’t bury their heads in computer work for a long time. They can extend their necks from time to time and look around.

Don’t underestimate this inadvertent little movement, from time to time to do a few times, you can relax the muscle relaxation band and improve the local blood circulation.