Four prescriptions for medicinal diet in ancient impotence

Four prescriptions for medicinal diet in ancient impotence

In each book of Chinese herbal medicines of various dynasties, many famous Chinese medicine masters have summarized many effective formulas for nourishing kidney and strengthening yang based on their treatment experience.

  Fang Yi Cordyceps sinensis 15 grams, 1 old male duck.

The Cordyceps sinensis is placed in the cleaned duck belly and then cooked with water. It can be eaten after seasoning.

It has the effects of treating kidney deficiency impotence, nocturnal emission, sore waist and knees, chronic cough deficiency, asthma, and physical weakness after illness.

(Qing Dynasty “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”) Fang Er Duzhong 10 grams, a pig loin.

Wash and cut the waist first, then mix into Eucommia, then wrap it with lotus leaves, stir-fry and eat.

Indications: kidney deficiency, low back pain, impotence, nocturnal emission, high blood pressure, fetal disturbances and other diseases.

(Ming Dynasty “Compendium of Materia Medica”) Fangsan wolfberry leaves 20 grams, lamb 60 grams, 1 sheep kidney, 100 grams of rice, 2 scallions.

First cut the sheep kidney, wash and chop it, then cook the wolfberry leaves for juice, then use the wolfberry leaf juice to mix the sheep kidney and lamb with rice, lightly boiled porridge, season with salt, and eat it every morning and night.

For kidney deficiency impotence, cold pain in waist and knee, dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness of sight, hearing loss, frequent nocturia and other symptoms.

(Yuan Dynasty is about to eat) 60 grams of fresh leeks, Fang Si 60 grams.

Wash the leek and cut it. After the previous rice porridge is boiled, add the leek and salt to cook it into porridge. Eat it on an empty stomach in the morning.

With liver and kidney, warm waist and knees, aphrodisiac, Gujing, stomach warming and other effects.

(The Compendium of Materia Medica of the Ming Dynasty).

A cup becomes D cup!

Three Diets You May Not Know

A cup becomes D cup!
Three Diets You May Not Know

Women want to have an S-shaped figure, and they are always dissatisfied with their own points. In partial shaping, the perfect figure has always been the topic of women. How to have a perfect figure?

  Peanuts + Dasao help you surge in black hair!

Come and see it.

  First: eat raw peanuts, buy raw peanuts (must be raw, preferably fresh, and do n’t eat fried or salted, it will be fat), eat 10-20 capsules every 2 hours, eat carefullyIf you want to chew until it is very crushed and broken, you can add oil and vitamin B2.

  The stomach discomfort is caused by the reaction to the red shirt. You can peel the red shirt and eat it to ensure that the stomach will no longer be uncomfortable.

  Second: drink red date tea to prepare some jujube, American ginseng, and safflower (a little) soak a cup of water a day, drink only water, not sugar.

You can regulate qi and blood, pass through the meridians, and your menstruation will be smooth, and you can lift your qi, but you will not feel tired and lose your spirit.

  Third: drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation. Drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation.

  Now I look rosy and even my nails are pink.

  If you lose weight too quickly, you will lose body nutrition and cause hair loss; while women are prone to anemia and pale, the above recommended method is a good way to nourish blood and qi.

  Raw peanuts, red dates, American ginseng, safflower, and ginger are of great help to women’s health. This is not just for weight loss. I feel weak and weak, irregular menstruation, and pale MM can tryHowever, the safflower is relatively hot, and the hot MM should be put less.

  Is this breast enhancement method good? Try it now!

Face losing

Face losing

People always expect more and don’t want to lose. Once they really lose something, they will regret it.

But repentance and deplore can’t let the lost things come back, and it is more likely to immerse yourself in confusion.

How to face the loss?

How to continue your journey of life?

  I have heard such a story: a person sitting on the deck of a ship reading a newspaper.

Suddenly a strong wind blew his newly bought hat off the sea. I saw him touch his head with his hand, look at the hat that was falling, and continue to look at the newspaper.

Another person is puzzled: “Sir, your hat is being scraped into the sea!

“”Got it, thank you!

He continued to read the newspaper.

“But the hat is worth dozens of dollars!

“Yes, I am thinking about how to save money and buy another one!”

The hat is lost, I am very distressed, but can it still come back?

“The man continued to look at the newspaper after he finished.”

  Indeed, what has been lost has been lost, why bother to make a fuss or worry about it?

  Many people have had the experience of losing something important or beloved; some accidentally lost the newly paid salary, the favorite bicycle was stolen, and the lovers who have been together for several years went away, etc. These bigIt will cast a shadow on our psychology, and sometimes it will be tortured.

The reason is that we did not adjust our mindset to face loss, did not psychologically admit to losing, only indulged in something that no longer existed, and did not expect to create something new.

  People who comfort the lost things often say: “The old ones don’t come new.”

“The fact is the cause, so for the lost bicycle confession, it is better to consider how to buy a new one, with the lover to “bye” to you and do not want to live, it is better to cheer up, start again, to win new love.

  My two friends had traveled together and found that their wallet was gone when they were about to return.

One of them found the place he had been to, asked a lot of people, and went to the police station to report the case. The result was nothing.

And another friend of mine, after discovering that I lost my wallet, did not regret it, but still actively tried to think about how to earn the toll of going home.

After he walked into a restaurant and explained his situation to the boss, he used his method of washing vegetables for the hotel to earn the travel expenses for himself and his friends.

Since then, he has also made friends with the owner of this hotel, and has regular conversions.

  Until now, when he mentioned this, he always said: “The time of travel is so short, so many interesting things, it is not worthwhile to worry about losing the wallet.

“The friend’s level of education is not high, but his words are very philosophical.

There are many things to do in life. Why do you have to be sad for a moment of loss?

  Everyone has lost, but the mentality they expect is different.

Some people always tell people how good he is, how precious it is. and many people are different.

For example, after losing their essential work, they are not blindly sad, and do not actively seek new jobs; they believe that losing does not mean failure, but can be re-owned after losing.

  How to face the loss, reflects a life attitude; how to face the loss, to some extent determines the life track of a person.

Think about how you are facing the loss, reflect on whether your actions are beneficial, and then reconsider how you should face losing.

19 inappropriate actions that endanger your baby’s health

19 inappropriate actions that endanger your baby’s health

Improper actions1. Let the baby climb the stairs. Analysis of the reasons: Nowadays, there are more and more stairs in the family. If you don’t pay attention, the baby will climb to the stairs and roll down easily.

Therefore, it is best to install safety railings on the stairs to prevent babies from climbing.

  Improper action 2, leave the baby alone on the bed. Reason analysis: fast-growing babies will already turn over. If you let your child sleep on the sofa or bed, don’t leave only one person alone.

The safest is a crib with a fence.

  Improper move 3, analysis of reasons for the entrance of the house: Parents who set the entrance in the home should pay special attention to the baby who loves to crawl. Sometimes the child will fall from that small staircase and hit the head. It is best to block it with a fence.Keep children from entering.

  Improper actions4. Violation of safety socket analysis: If you insert your fingers or objects into the socket, there is a danger of electric shock or short circuit.

There are safety sockets and socket baffles on the market, and families with little babies can consider replacing them.

  Improper action 5, the reason why the safety door stopper is not installed: Fingers caught by the door is one of the common accidents of infants and young children. When opening and closing the door, the position of the child should be confirmed first, and a safety door stopper can also be installed for safety reasons.

  Improper actions6. Analysis of the reasons for indulging children in the kitchen: Children’s curiosity is easily satisfied in the kitchen.

However, everything in the kitchen is dangerous. Before the child is under 3 years old, he should try to avoid letting the child enter the kitchen, let alone bring the child to cook and do housework.

  Improper measures 7, analyze the reasons for putting the children on the balcony alone: Do not let the children play alone on the balcony, it is best to add a fence at the balcony door to prevent the child from passing. Basically, you must not have feet on the balcony, just in caseOne.
  Improper actions 8, the cabinet is used up and locked. Reason analysis: Children are easily attracted by the contents of the glass decorative cabinet, but if the child opens it by himself, it is easy to be caught by the glass door.

It is best to lock the cabinet so that your baby cannot easily open it.

  Improper actions 9, the table is not protected. Analysis of the reasons: There are various types of corner protection sleeves on the market, so you can put things with horns at home to prevent children from being injured or bruised.

But when the child wants to get the things on the table, they will pull the tablecloth, it is easy to be smashed or burned by hot food. It is better not to put the tablecloth on the table.

  Improper actions10. Reasons for shopping with your baby: Some parents like to go shopping with their baby.

It is convenient to use a baby stroller to take the baby out of the house, but the height of the stroller is just so that the baby is in the area where the exhaust of the car is most dense. The exhaust of the car contains lead and other harmful gases.

If you often go shopping continuously, your baby is like a small mobile “vacuum cleaner”, which will definitely hurt your baby’s health.

On the road, in shopping malls and large supermarkets, people are noisy, bacteria are abundant, and the baby’s resistance is inherently weak. It is easy to be infected with bacteria and cause disease.

For example, babies are prone to diseases such as respiratory infections.

  Improper actions11. Analysis of the reasons for taking the baby away often: Some parents will take the baby with them when traveling.

In the new environment of unfamiliar students, the baby’s adaptability is very poor. Their usual living environment is artificially changed, their daily life is disrupted. Under the circumstances of fatigue, improper diet or weather changes, the baby is very likely to get sick.

For example, diarrhea and other arthritic diseases.

If there is a lack of medical treatment and medicine, and the medical conditions are poor, the situation is even more dangerous and very bad for the baby’s health.

  Improper actions 12, let your baby practice yoga and do fitness analysis: Some parents believe that yoga can help children’s bone development, promote smooth digestion, and also allow children to vent excess energy and balance emotions.

Yoga is about physical unity, which is too esoteric for children.

The so-called children’s yoga is to guide children into the world of yoga through storytelling, singing and games.

The problem is that children are alive and active and have poor understanding. Few of them can understand the meaning, and they have no way to understand the essence of this movement.

After a long time, if the movement is wrong, it may lead to dislocation of bone growth.

  Improper move 13, often wear new clothes for babies and only use disposable diapers. Reason analysis: Many parents like to wear new clothes for their babies. In fact, new clothes are not as good as old clothes worn by other children.

First, old clothes will be soft and comfortable. Second, old clothes are often washed, and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which may be carried on the clothes, have been removed.

  Putting on new clothes before washing them may cause skin irritation.

  Disposable diapers are mainly composed of the following materials: cellulose, polypropylene high-efficient adsorbent, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, a small amount of elastic substances and viscose.

If the diaper is stretched too much, so that the baby’s skin is in the adjacent state longer, the surface protective layer of the skin is damaged.

When see-through skin is rubbed by a diaper, it is more vulnerable.

The skin will turn red in mild cases, and in severe cases the child will shout for pain.

Skin folds in the abdomen, around the genitals, thighs and buttocks often cause rashes and diaper rashes.

Doctors believe that disposable diapers are not as good as cotton diapers, which are breathable and do not cause diaper rash.  Improper actions 14, because parents go to bed late and analyze the reasons for their baby to go to bed late: Some parents have the habit of going to bed late, breastfeeding late, or interrupt their baby’s sleep, so that the babies also develop the habit of going to bed late.

Late sleep can affect physical development, mood, behavior, and cognitive abilities.

Reduced sleep has an impact on the structure and function of the brain and can reduce resistance to infections.

It is important that the growth hormones in babies generally work at 10-2 pm at night. If they sleep late, they will affect their growth and development.

Observation shows that children who sleep late tend to be unfocused, uncooperative, difficult to discipline, and generally shorter than children of the same age.

  Improper move 15, let your baby and parents play computer games. Reason analysis: computer radiation is not good for the baby’s nervous system and brain development, and it also has a bad effect on the baby’s vision development. Use the computer with adults because the angle and height are bothWrong, it will affect the baby’s cervical spine and other bones and vision development.

Therefore, do not pull the seedlings to encourage the baby to contact the computer prematurely.

  Improper actions16. Analysis of the reasons for indulging the baby’s diet: Many parents are very indulgent in their children’s eating, and leave it alone, if the baby wants to eat chocolate, eat chocolate, eat amaranth and eat amaranth.

As a result, many babies are overweight.

Symptoms such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure have become younger.

In some Asian countries, more than 90% of people do not know that they have high blood pressure, and they do not even notice abnormalities in this aspect of children, which can easily cause some young children to suffer from high cholesterol, high blood lipids and other cardiovascular issuesDisease.

  Improper move 17, cause analysis of taking a baby to a high-decibel rock concert: Some parents want to enhance their children’s ability to appreciate music and will take their children to a concert or concert.

If it’s light music or something, that’s usually not a big problem.

However, if it is pop music in the rock category, when the decibel is very high (more than 70 decibels), it will damage the baby’s hearing system, which is not conducive to the normal development of their hearing system.

  Improper actions 18, analysis of the reasons for a lot of calcium supplementation: In addition to drinking milk, some mothers also buy a lot of calcium tablets, calcium powder to supplement the calcium for the baby.

Too much calcium, the body can’t digest it, there will be alternatives.

Causes calcium deposition, causing kidney stones, biliary and urinary system stones.

There was a 3-year-old girl who said that she had a stomachache. After going to the hospital for a B-ultrasound, she found gallstones.

Upon asking, I realized that it was her mother who helped her with too much calcium.

  Improper actions 19, to supplement the baby, eat placenta Analysis: Some parents want to give their children a placenta in order to enhance their children’s constitution.

With estrogen in the placenta, long-term feeding of the placenta is easily counterproductive.

There was a 5 year old girl who experienced precocious puberty after eating the placenta.

Do eight things every day to effectively surpass high blood pressure

Do eight things every day to effectively surpass high blood pressure

Doing eight things every day to effectively overcome high blood pressure, the brain, the kidneys, have a common “silent killer” – high blood pressure.

In high blood pressure, high blood pressure is getting younger, and many young and middle-aged people are also eyeing high blood pressure.

But in the end, high blood pressure is still a “lifestyle disease.”

According to experts, the following eight things are done every day to effectively surpass high blood pressure.


Excessive 6,000 steps per day will increase the burden on the heart and vascular tone, and induce high blood pressure.

Eating less and moving is the best way to lose weight.


The epidemiological survey of no more than 5 grams of salt shows that the more hypertensive patients in the area where the salt is eaten.

Therefore, in order to exceed high blood pressure, salt must first be controlled. The World Health Organization recommends that 5 grams per person per day is sufficient.


While quitting smoking and limiting alcohol and wine, you are gradually approaching high blood pressure.

Nicotine (nicotine) in tobacco absorbs the central nervous system and sympathetic nerves, speeds up heart rate, and causes the adrenal glands to secrete a large number of hormones and raises blood pressure.


Eating potatoes, eggplant potassium and potassium can prevent high blood pressure caused by high salt replacement, but also help to remove excess sodium.


Eating lemon, lemon, vitamin C and vitamin P can enhance blood vessel elasticity and improve, prevent and treat high blood pressure.


Drinking sugary drinks and drinking beverages containing a lot of glucose and fructose often increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Therefore, it is best to choose a sugar-free beverage.


Eat celery celery filled with butyl benzoic acid, can inhibit vascular smooth muscle tension, reduce adrenaline secretion, thereby calming the nerves, thereby reducing and stabilizing blood pressure.


Eating 4 cloves of garlic a day The US study found that eating 4 cloves of garlic a day can balance plasma and protect blood pressure.


Homemade Whitening Freckle Mask Lemon Honey Mask

Homemade Whitening Freckle Mask Lemon Honey Mask

Click to buy female friends know?

Whitening and freckle is the top priority of our skin care routine!

Applying a mask is the easiest way to save trouble, but if you usually buy a mask on the market and worry about additives and fluorescent agents, going out to a beauty salon for a facial treatment will cause a lot of burden on the wallet.

So why not try your own whitening freckle mask at home?

The method of making a facial mask is simple and the most important thing is that it does not harm the skin!

  Maybe MMs will think that homemade masks are very troublesome, they need to buy materials, and it takes time, but you are all wrong!

The materials for homemade whitening freckle mask can be easily found at home!

What are you waiting for beauty, come and do it together!

  Magic weapon one: Lemon honey freckle mask material: lemon, honey, flour Take a lemon and connect it with the juice, fresh lemon juice and honey, mix the flour thoroughly, apply to the face after cleansing, and wash after 10 minutes.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin c to brighten and whiten the skin, and honey can change the effect of moisturizing the skin. After application, the skin will become tender and smooth!

  Magic weapon two: almond coffee protein freckle mask material: almond, coffee powder, protein Soak the almonds in hot water to soften them, mix the almond puree and coffee powder after mashing, mix the protein into the airtight bottle, and put it in a closed bottle every nightApply evenly on the face, wake up the next day, and wash with warm water.

Coffee powder can help eliminate aging keratin, and it can drain and reduce swelling, so MMs don’t have to worry about edema face anymore the next day!

The skin will also become fair and translucent too!

  Magic weapon three: Aloe freckle mask material: Aloe honey Peel 1 aloe vera leaf and mash the leaf flesh into juice, add 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly.

Leave on for 10 minutes and wash.

Aloe vera has a good sedative and soothing effect. This is recommended for girls with sensitive skin.

  Magic four: Rose peach kernel freckle mask material: dried rose petals, walnut kernels polished walnut kernels (10 grams) into powder, add flour (10 grams), and then mix in water, mix thoroughly in peach kernel paste and add dried rose petals (10 grams), put on a fire over low heat until the roses soften, the batter is pink, apply the mask to the face evenly after cooling, and wash it after 30 minutes.

Roses have the function of activating blood and can effectively inhibit the production of melanin.

Peach kernel has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, and can inhibit melanin deposition and lighten spots.

  Magic weapon five: Taomi Shui pearl powder mask material: pearl powder, Taomi Shui prepare pearl powder according to the amount you need and put it in a clean container, then add an appropriate amount of Taomi Shui, mix and stir to form a pasteThat is, after cleaning the face, apply the mask on the edges evenly, and wash with water after 15 minutes.

Pearl powder can whiten the skin, diminish the spots, and rice water contains plant enzymes, which can prevent oxidation and delay aging!

  Magic six: cucumber whitening mask material: cucumber, vitamin C slices Wash and peel the cucumber, put it in a blender and stir it into a mud; grind it with vitamin C into a fine powder, the finer the better, and finally add the powder to the cucumber pureeOkay.

The essence of cucumber can deeply cleanse and calm the skin. It has powerful whitening and efficient moisturizing functions.

  Magic Seven: Tofu whitening mask material: tofu, yeast powder Put tofu in a bowl and mash it, then add yeast powder, mash it into a paste and use it, very convenient and simple!

Cheap and delicious tofu can effectively nourish the skin and promote metabolism, it is recommended for lazy girl paper!

  Through the above sharing, I hope it will be helpful to the female friends who love beauty.

Barometer for healthy baby

Barometer for healthy baby

Why doesn’t my baby have long hair?

Why is my baby’s hair so yellow all the time?

Why does my baby always lose hair?

Is it a genetic disease for such a small baby with long white hair?

Moms don’t worry?

Relevant experts gave us the following suggestions: 1. Hair condition and performance without long hair: Baby’s hair has been growing slowly and hardly has long hair.

  Possible causes: 1. The baby’s fetal hair is in the replacement period: This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is common in newborn babies without other abnormalities; 2. Hair loss caused by calcium deficiency: generally accompanied by a decrease in blood calcium; 3, lack of calciumZinc, anemia, and malnutrition can also cause your baby’s hair to grow slowly.

  2. Hair thinning condition and performance: baby’s hair is thin, hair is small and soft.

  Probable cause: Newborn baby is in the developmental stage, it grows very fast and the metabolism is very strong, so the oil on the scalp is secreted a lot, if the mother does not wash the baby’s hair often, the oil on the baby’s scalp, sweatSuch secretions and irritations may cause scalp itching, blistering, and even secondary infections, resulting in easy replacement of hair.

  The baby develops to 5 in the womb?
At 6 months, the hair will be replaced slowly.

If the fetal hair is reduced too much, your baby’s hair will have complications at birth.

It is also possible that long-term hair loss causes hair to appear thinner than other babies.

  3. Occipital bald hair condition and performance: Where the bones on the back of the baby’s head protrude, a horizontal circle of hair is lost, and the other parts are not obvious.

  Possible cause: Mostly due to physiological hair loss.

  It may be because the baby loses hair by rubbing against the pillow when sleeping on his back. After the baby sweats, his head will swing left and right, which will naturally cause hair that is already fragile on the back of the head and cause hair loss.

  Of course, occipital alopecia may also be a sign of rickets.

  4, young white hair condition and performance: newborn baby has a few white hair on the forehead.

  Possible cause: Western medicine is called premature leukoplakia, which is a kind of white hair disease in babies and young people. There are two types of causes: 1. It is caused by congenital leukocephala, which is caused by genetic factors; 2. It is acquiredSexual whiteheads are caused by certain physiological diseases.

  Babies with little white head are mostly caused by heredity.

  5, split hair condition and performance: baby’s hair ends appear split.

  Possible causes: 1. It may be unfinished fetal hair; 2. Long-term malnutrition; 3. Improper use of hair dryer.

  6, yellow hair hair condition and performance: the baby’s re-growth slowly.

Hair is thin and soft.

  Possible causes: 1. The baby’s hair color is related to heredity. If the parents’ hair is yellow, it will also affect the baby.

  2. When the baby is malnourished, the baby’s hair will be yellow and scarce. It is more common for the baby to be partial food, supplementary food is not added reasonably, or the spleen and stomach are incompatible, and the child is malnourished.

  3, it may also be anemia of the baby, children with anemia hair yellow and dry, dull.

Have a good time before TV

Have a good time before TV

Aunt Zhang from Meilin Community recently followed the TV series “Beauty’s Intrigue” and “Palace Intrigue”, and became hooked on “Iron Pear”. Every Saturday and Sunday night, she will be impressed by the TV and watch “If You Are The One”And keep going from beginning to end.

In the community, there are obviously more than one “TV enthusiast” like Aunt Zhang. This can be found from the old people chatting in the downstairs park every evening. Most of the conversations are the TV episodes the night before.

  According to the USA Today website, seniors over 65 in the United States spend about 6 hours watching TV during the day, three times as many as young people.

According to the data from the collective survey of the sponsors of the Beijing Aging Office, the old people spent more than 3 hours per day on television.

Watching TV used to be an important way for older people to pass the time.

  Professor Zhang Leijing of the Department of Psychology and Psychology of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University believes that there is no problem for the elderly to watch TV, but it is necessary to look at news and entertainment programs.

Due to the decrease in social communication and information channels, the opportunity for the elderly to learn about external information is also reduced, and news programs can become the axis for the elderly to grasp external information, reduce the loneliness that may be caused by information closure, and promote brain thinking; entertainmentSuch programs can adjust the mood of the elderly, especially some variety shows. There are many happy cross talks, folk songs, etc., which can resonate with the elderly and relax them with their mental state.

However, it is not recommended that the elderly watch some lively and exciting live experience programs.

  Some of the happy and relaxed TV shows can also be watched often.

Nowadays, family dramas that are very realistic and promote family harmony, such as “The Good Times of Daughter-in-law,” etc., are closer to the real life of the elderly, and watching more helps to harmonize family relationships.

Some relaxed youth idol dramas and cardiovascular are also good, can make the elderly emotionally happy.

  The elderly should watch TV every day for 3-4 hours.

Rest your eyes for a while every 40 minutes, or rest your eyes closed, or look into the distance; the light should not be too bright or too dark, you can turn on a small fluorescent lamp of about 5 watts; maintain a good posture, with the horizontal line deviating 5 degrees belowDepending on the object.

Sit on a hard back chair while watching TV; add auxiliary cushions, such as pillows or pillows on the neck and waist; you can also use a low stool to rest your feet, so that the lower limbs become loose.

Banana bread is smarter for breakfast

Banana bread is smarter for breakfast

Researchers at the University of Texas at Houston found that among children aged 9-11 who were well-nourished, children who ate breakfast performed better in certain learning programs than those who did not.

Another American scholar J?


Murphy’s survey of 100 adolescents also yielded similar results: indexed with children who seldom eat breakfast, those who eat breakfast regularly (regardless of the type of breakfast) had a 40% higher math score,Absent from school or late.

  But now many parents do n’t know what to eat, they do n’t have the time and appetite to cope with the health of themselves and their children.

In fact, the solution is simple.

  What’s for breakfast?

Breakfast on weekdays has porridge, eggs, milk, soy milk, tofu brain, noodles, bread . all kinds, but milk and meat are not “early and good” because the nutrition is not complete.

It is recommended to appropriately add fresh vegetables and fruits to breakfast, even if it is a piece, a section, a flap, etc. can increase the absorption of vitamins, cellulose, accumulated over time, the body will obviously benefit.

  The staple food for breakfast does not prevent you from getting a “banana bread”, that is, sandwich the peeled banana directly into the bread, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, salted bread, etc. can be.

Banana is rich in vitamins and minerals, and has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, regenerating, and intestines.

Eating a banana every day can meet the body’s potassium needs, while also stabilizing blood pressure and protecting the insulin tract.

In this way, you can eat both food and fruits, and match other foods, which is simple and nutritious.

  What to do if you don’t have time?

Time is squeezed out, and it’s the way to figure it out.

One is to get up early; the other is to make some preparations in advance the night before, pick up some semi-finished products, wash some fruits and vegetables in advance, prepare steamed bread, sesame cake, bread, etc., and roughen them in the morning;Be simple and save time.

For example, put the fried eggs at night in kebabs and add lettuce leaves, heat them in the oven, and heat the milk.

How convenient!

Older children can do it themselves, the key is to prepare in advance.

  when not hungury what should I do?

Get up early in the morning and drink a glass of boiling water that has a temperature difference from your body temperature (depending on your constitution, you can choose lower temperature or higher temperature); just a small amount of fresh lemon soda, but this method is not suitable for people with poor functionsEat less metabolism that is not good for digestion, especially if the child is not over fed, it will relieve the appetite in the morning.

Health benefits of cantaloupe to prevent disease and lose weight

Health benefits of cantaloupe to prevent disease and lose weight

Everyday we know that eating fruit is good, but if we are specific to a fruit, we don’t know what the benefits are.

So what we need to know is what kind of effect we eat in our daily life. After eating, it will produce health benefits.

Cantaloupe is a favorite fruit of many people. It has a sweet taste but its magical effect is often abandoned. In addition to its weight loss, sun protection, and prevention of coronary heart disease, cancer has preventive effects, so it has the reputation of “King of Melons”.

Let ‘s take a look at the health effects of cantaloupe.

  1. Prevent various cancers The B-complex vitamins contained in this fruit also have very good health effects. Vitamin C resists infectious diseases, and the mineral manganese can be used as a synergistic component of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase.

Cantaloupe is also rich in antioxidant flavonoids, such as zeaxanthin, which can protect our body and prevent various cancers.

The benefits of vitamin A include preventing vein and oral cancer.

  2. The potassium content of cantaloupe to prevent coronary heart disease is also very rich.

Potassium protects the body, prevents coronary heart disease, and maintains a normal heart rate and blood pressure.

Eating this fruit also helps to reduce LDL and increase HDL.

In addition, potassium also helps prevent muscle contraction fractures and helps the body recover quickly from injuries.

  3. Sun protection According to a report by the Daily Mail, the farmer accidentally found that a special type of cantaloupe and other melons can be stored for a shorter period of time without spoiling.

When scientists at the University of Paris in France conducted in-depth research on the melon, they found that the citrulline antioxidant is resistant to oxygen free radicals that can damage cells.

Excessive exposure to the sun can trigger the generation of oxygen free radicals.

After the cantaloupe juice has been concentrated, it can be freeze-dried to become a substitute.

In addition to sunscreen, people can also protect their skin from sunburn by taking this tablet daily.

  4, beauty and eye care to lose weight The rich vitamin A it contains helps maintain healthy skin, reduce the risk of cataracts, and improve vision.

Cantaloupe is low in carbonic acid, low in stool, and rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Cantaloupe can also be used as part of a pregnant woman’s diet. This fruit relieves water retention and helps the body eliminate excess sodium.

  5. Prevention of pediatric neural malformations The attached folic acid component prevents pediatric neural tube malformations.

Therefore, knowing this knowledge can add this fruit to your diet and help improve your health.

  Precautions when eating cantaloupe 1. Cantaloupe should not be eaten too much to avoid causing diarrhea.

  2. People with beriberi, jaundice, bloating, constipation, cold cough, and postpartum and postpartum patients should not eat more; so pregnant women can eat cantaloupe properly during pregnancy, and do not eat it after delivery.

Because cantaloupe is cold.

It is best not to eat if you have a cold body.