Enjoy natural beauty treatments at the spa in the kitchen

Enjoy natural beauty treatments at the spa in the kitchen

Guide: Through the improvement of living standards, beauty health has entered the homes of ordinary people.

After a busy day, let the skin relax and make a beauty skin care spa is really a treat.

However, beauty SPA does not have to be done in the health museum, and you can also do SPA for the skin at home. Let’s take a look together.

  Don’t let busy work reduce your good mood for enjoying life. You can have fun every time you say “wash your hands and cook the soup”. The kiwi fruit that you can’t eat in the kitchen, the remaining cream or the cucumber head to throw away.Children are all natural skin care artifacts. When you are busy, do some fun things and do SPA for your skin.

  1. Banana milkshake The smell of banana has soothing effect. It is called “happy fruit”. It is best to eat it when you are down.

And milk has a good moisturizing effect. Adding them to a blender and mixing them into a milkshake-like form is a good healing aroma mask.

  2. Yogurt Yogurt Yogurt can be regarded as the king of fruits. It is recognized that there are many VCs that can effectively whiten the skin, and the flora in yogurt has the effect of gently removing old keratin, and put them together and crushAfter applying it on a wooden board, it can easily clean the skin.

  3. Sweet exfoliating honey honey has a good emollient effect, and it has a relatively strong tension on the face, which can lift false wrinkles.

The white sugar of the dogs can gradually melt when massaged into the skin. It is a very mild scrub product, which can reduce the rough skin caused by uneven keratin accumulation on the skin surface.

  4. Grape Antioxidant Massage Cream The effect of grape antioxidants is well known, and in high-grade grape estates, there will also be grape body SPA. Normal skin, meat, and seeds are mixed together and crushed, which is used to massage the body.Achieve good anti-oxidant, exfoliating effect, and pleasant smell.

  5, protein pore shrink film to make pan-silvered fish, how to do with a lot of egg white, of course, stir it with flour to make a pore shrink mask, two kinds of ingredients I believe that every kitchen will have, egg white has convergence, Anti-inflammatory effect, can effectively shrink large pores, flour can increase its adhesion.

  6. The warm steam of black tea replaces the open tea bag with hot water and steams the face with steam containing tea polyphenols. It is the simplest steam SPA. The pores can only have good skin if they are not separated, so let the skin do it once a week. “: “Action, the waste can be discharged to make the skin better absorb the follow-up skin care products.

  Message from the editor: Only by doing a good job of skin care can we make our skin moist, smooth, and nourished anytime, anywhere.

10 minutes before bedtime to create a temperamental mature woman

10 minutes before bedtime to create a temperamental mature woman

Wanting to be a temperamental milf is actually quite simple.

Before going to bed every night, spend 10 minutes practicing this set of yoga exercises recommended by professional teachers, you can achieve your dreams.

“There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women.” Diligently practice. The next temperament mature woman is you!

  Yoga masters say that life is cultivation, and eating and sleeping are also cultivation.

If you want to cultivate into a temperament woman, the old lady is useless. Finding a training method that suits you is the top priority.

  ”This set of bedtime yoga combs the female body from the inside to the outside, and has many functions such as slimming and decompression, beauty and beauty, and regulating female endocrine.

Although these are not highly demanding moves, in the process of doing it, you still have to practice slowly according to your ability to avoid physical strain.

When coach Tao Tao demonstrated, outstanding beginners had to be calm and capable.

Seeing my stunned look, she said with a smile, “These movements are all classic physiological double-repair exercises. Everyone can practice, as long as they are persistent, they can develop a good temperament!

“Well, let’s put aside our thoughts together, feel the physical relaxation through breathing, the inner peace . the angle-of-beam effect: keep the kidneys, prostate and bladder healthy; at the same time, it is very burdensome for women and can adjust irregularitiesDuring menstruation, regulate menstrual flow, relieve dysmenorrhea, and promote normal ovarian function.

  Step1 sits on the bed at the end, bending coaxially, with the soles facing each other.

Hold your feet with both hands, straighten your spine, and keep your heels close to the perineum.

  Step2 inhale, look up, and stretch the spine.

Exhale, bend your body forward, place your forehead close to the bed, and breathe normally for one minute.

  Tip: Try to keep your knees as close to the bed surface as possible, and then straighten your legs and relax your hips.

  Spinal twisting effect: It can quickly eliminate back pain, low back pain and lumbar pain caused by sedentary; in twisting, it can strengthen muscles, liver and spleen, effectively relieve fatigue of shoulders and necks, reverse bad postures such as humpback and shoulder buckle.

Nourishes the nervous system.

  Step1: Put your left leg on your right foot, cross your left leg with your right foot, and place your right foot in front of your left knee; straighten your spine and sit on the bed.

  Inhale step2, raise your arm side, and stretch your spine.

Exhale, twist the abdomen, shoulders, and head to the right, and put your hands together on your chest; breathe normally, keeping your eyes fixed on the back right side.

  Tip: When turning, keep your spine straight and pay attention to balance.

  Cat contraction effect: soft and flexible spine, complications around waist circumference, beautification of hip type, strengthen blood circulation of hypertension, and relieve back pain.

Treat dysmenorrhea and correct irregular periods.

  step1 Support the bed with both hands and knees, keep the knees upright, and relax the lower back.

  Inhale step2, sink back, look up at the ceiling.

  Step3 exhales, the back arches, the spine rises to the top, looks down at the abdomen, chin against the collarbone.

Repeat the whole action for ten rounds.

  Tip: Be sure to do it in conjunction with breathing, slow down the speed, the effect is more obvious.

  Lizard-like effect: Relieve physical fatigue, eliminate excess aunt on the shoulder.

Correct the hump, buckle the shoulders, and beautify the shoulder lines.

Improve constipation.

  Step1 knees close to one another, kneeling on the bed, the upper body leaned forward, chest and abdomen close to legs, forehead close to the bed.

  Step2 inhale, look up, slide forward, straighten your arms.

  Step3 exhale, try to put the tibia, chin against the bed, tilted to the left, arm socket as far as possible against the bed.

  Step4 breathes slowly, hold for 10-15 seconds.

  Tips: When moving the body, the muscles of the big arms always stay tight, the center of gravity moves to the chest, the hips relax, and the chest is close to the ground; keep the thighs perpendicular to the ground.

  Leg tibia fracture effect: very beneficial to abdominal organs, strong kidney, active whole spine, improve digestive function.

At the same time, it can massage the heart and promote blood circulation in the lower body.Nourishes the reproductive system and improves sexual control.

  Step1 sits on the bed, straightens legs, feet together, grabs toes with both hands.

  Step2 inhale and straighten the spine.

Exhale, bend your elbows, stretch your upper body forward, your chest and abdomen close to your legs.

Breathe normally for at least one minute.

  Tip: Pay attention to keep your feet straight, so that your abdomen, chest, and forehead are close to your legs.

  Sitting angle effect: Adjust the skewed pelvic bone, the effect of thin waist is obvious, help to open leg ligaments, tighten leg muscles, and beautify leg shape.

Changing menstrual symptoms.

Long-term practice can also make the skin delicate and smooth and radiant.

  Step1 Sit down, keep your feet straight, slowly open your legs to the limit, and try to straighten as much as possible.

  Inhale step2, contract radially upwards, and straighten your back.

  Step3 exhales, arms and upper body slowly shrink forward.

Place the abdomen, chest, and chin on the bed in order.

Hold this position for about 4 to 12 breaths of neon for a long time.

Throughout the process, the spine must remain fractured.

  Tips: There are several variations of the “seat angle”, and beginners should do it according to their own abilities. Do not forcefully pull your legs.

Eat hard foods and your baby has good teeth

Eat hard foods and your baby has good teeth

The benefits of hard food for your baby’s teeth are: 1. It can promote the growth and development of deciduous teeth and natural absorption, and replace it.

  2, fully exercise the oral muscle function, long sleeves effectively stimulate the growth and development of the mandible.

  3. Chewing food with a certain hardness can stimulate the nervous system to regulate the secretion of digestive juices such as saliva.

  4, to prevent weak chewing, grow neat teeth.

  5, often chewing hard food completely make the teeth orderly, can also clean the teeth, which can reduce the incidence of gingivitis and other diseases.

  In addition, babies eat more hard foods, which can promote brain development and prevent myopia!

  When does the baby eat hard food: Before changing the teeth: The growth of the child’s teeth is closely related to the development of the dental arch, so the child should always bite some hard food before changing the teeth to maintain a good stimulating effect on the primary teeth and rebuild the primary teeth.Offset on time.

  When changing teeth: When the baby changes teeth, the deciduous teeth are loose. At this time, you should eat more hard food to scoop off the deciduous teeth, to avoid causing lingering of the deciduous teeth, lateness, and even “double-layer teeth”.

  After changing the teeth: After the new teeth germinate, chewing hard food can fully exercise the oral muscle function and help your baby develop a good tooth!

  How to choose the hardness of “hard” food: In terms of food hardness, experts believe that children with celery, melons, apples and other foods have the right hardness to chew, and forced chewing of bones and other things that are harder than the teeth will cause teeth to burst.And biological evolution has determined that things that cannot be bitten by a person’s teeth are difficult to digest even if swallowed into the stomach, so hard bones need to be vomited at most.

The middle section of sugar cane is a good chew product that can exercise your teeth, but the nodules are too hard.

  Xiao Bian recommends hard foods: jellyfish, peanuts, corn, ribs, nuts, beef jerky, pancakes, rice crackers, steamed buns and other chewy foods.

5 minutes a day, these acupressure can not be less, free health is the best

5 minutes a day, these acupressure can not be less, free health is the best

The weather is getting colder, and many people are prone to symptoms such as sputum and cough.

These are caused by the inability of the lungs to be declared.

In addition to taking medicine, is there any good way for us to say goodbye to these physical discomforts in the short term?

For strong lung health, it is necessary to strengthen the lungs and complications of lung disease. It is possible to achieve the purpose by massaging the acupoints on the lungs.

Today we are going to introduce the fish hole, which can introduce the lungs into the body through the body surface, excreting the lungs in the body.

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that although there are many important acupoints on the hand of the Taiyin lung, the fish-point is a strong point for the strong lungs.

At the same time, it also has the name of “Bao Ming points”, and it is a good idea to insist on pressing the fish hole every day!

Coordinate positioning of the fish’s hole When we spread the palm of the hand, there is a muscle in the root of the thumb. This place is called the big fish.

In the middle of this strength muscle, that is, from the middle of the line connecting the base of the thumb and the wrist, it is the fish hole.


Helping the cold to recover the fish is a point of the hand.

Regular massage of this point, can solve the problem, the function of pharyngeal and phlegm, early symptoms of sore throat, sneezing and other colds, also have obvious curative effect.

People with bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other diseases do not hinder the treatment by massage the fish.


Auxiliary treatment of constipation Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and large intestines in the surface, the disease of the large intestine can be eliminated by smelting the lungs, massage the lungs through the acupoints can dissolve the heat of the intestines, dryness of the intestines, through the role of bowel movements.

It is best to lick acupuncture points before defecation, which is beneficial to relieve and treat constipation.


Improve the body’s immunity to massage the big fish acupoints, help promote blood circulation, clear the veins, can enhance the function of the main fur of the lungs, help the body to provide the ability to resist the evil spirits; improve the susceptible constitution, and achieve the effect of health care.

For the elderly, people who are chronically ill and have chronic diseases can increase the number of massages every day.


Relieve the location of the heart discomfort, which is located in the heart reflex zone of the palm.

Sudden palpitations, angina pectoris, chest suffocation, especially uncomfortable, use the thumb of your fingertips to smash the big fish, use gravity to squat nine times, and use a powerful stimulus to relieve the pressure on the heart.

However, it should be reminded that this method only serves as an auxiliary function. Please seek medical advice promptly when your physical symptoms are relieved.


The treatment of the mouse hand is often caused by excessive use of the mouse, causing pain in the wrist and body, and numbness of the fingers; the fish hole of the massage hand can increase blood circulation, and the fist movement with the hands is repeated every day.Many times, it can increase the softness of the tendon and eliminate hand fatigue.

3 ways to use the fish hole 1 Click the button with your right thumb and press the left hand to the big fish. Press 揉 to the palm of your hand, then change to the left hand thumb and press the right hand big fish. So massage 2 times a day?
3 times; about 1 each time?
2 minutes.

(Note: the picture is only a fraction, the fish hole should be at the point of the thumb.) The two-handed type is the palm of the hand, and the “big fish” of both hands should be attached to the squat, so that the hands are heated.

You can also hold it in one hand, replace it with the other hand, and rub each other alternately for 1 to 2 minutes.

(Note: the picture is completely correct, the fish hole should be at the point of the thumb) 3 tapping type If you feel that the finger is not pressed enough, you can use the “holding fist” posture, use the finger joint to beat the opposite side of the palm big fish;Or rely on the strength of the palms of both hands, knocking each other near the fish’s hole, and passing through the palm side.

Massage every day, moderate strength, general health massage, can be done 2 to 3 times a day, each time controlled at 5?
About 10 minutes.

Massage the fish hole, regardless of location and time constraints, massage at any time and anywhere, pay attention to the intensity of the massage should be moderate, just like doing exercise, step by step, do not have to rush to seek success.

Four simple moves to keep you healthy without going to the gym

Four simple moves to keep you healthy without going to the gym

Want to have a healthy body without enough time to go to the gym?

Don’t worry, you can achieve your goal with some simple actions.


The horse step enhances the sense of balance.

Zama step can help exercise a sense of balance, especially for the elderly.

The specific method is that the feet are parallel and slender, with the shoulder width, the body is straight, and you inhale and bend when you exhale. Focus your consciousness on the point 5 cm below the belly button and slow your breathing.

Practicing daily will improve your sense of balance and prevent joint disease.


Lean back to relax the spine.

Long-term desk work overwhelms the spine and does not prevent it from relaxing: stand upright, with your hands on your tibia, your palms facing outwards, and your spine 5 cm back.Exercise every few hours and your spine will become healthier.


Lift your legs and exercise your hips.

Hold on to a fixed object, such as a table, a sink, etc., slowly lift one leg back, 5-10 cm above the ground, keep your toes straight, keep this position, take 15-20 deep breaths, and lift your legs slightly 20—30 times, stay at the high point of the leg for 2 seconds, and then change legs to practice.

This little movement can exercise the hip muscles and protect the lower back 4.

Abdominal fat reduction method.

Take a deep breath at the table, in the car or in front of the TV, relax the abdominal muscles, and then exhale. At the same time, abdomen occurs. Hold for a few seconds, feeling that each abdominal muscle is contracting.

Do it 8 times in a row, and then repeat it 2 times. Long-term adherence can prevent chronic diseases.

Brown sugar dried longan can improve sleep

Brown sugar dried longan can improve sleep

It is often said, “A woman cannot be sugarless for a hundred days.”

In fact, for all the elderly, especially the elderly who are frail and recover from serious illness, brown sugar has good health effects.

  Elderly people are often cold and weak, with rough skin and decreased hematopoietic function.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, brown sugar is warm, sweet and enters the spleen. It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, slowing down pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, which is the most suitable supplement for the elderly.

Moreover, brown sugar is a so-called refined crude sugar that retains vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and manganese.

The elderly have increased demands for various trace elements and vitamins, and should usually pay attention to supplement in the diet to maintain normal metabolic functions and delay aging.

  To play these functions of brown sugar, you should pay attention to how to eat it: brown sugar cooked poached eggs can complement the nutrition of eggs and brown sugar, so that the elderly look rosy and energetic; taking brown sugar dried longan, it has a positive role in improving sleep;Soaking ginseng has the effect of regulating the breath and improving hypotension; adding brown sugar to make porridge is beneficial for qi and nourishing blood.

  The daily intake of brown sugar is up to about 25 grams. Elderly people with diabetes should avoid it. Elderly people with constipation and sore tongue can eat rock sugar in order to prevent getting angry.

In addition, it is not advisable to take brown sugar water when taking the medicine.

How to deal with interview phobia

How to deal with “interview phobia”

With the increasingly fierce competition for employment and the competition for multiple positions in a position, interviewers are bound to set a lot of levels during the interview. Multiple rounds of interviews, multiple interviews, and multiple interviews are conducted.The most suitable talents to ensure the quality of recruitment.
High competition and difficult interviews will hinder some less confident job applicants.
  In the job application state, grasping every interview opportunity is a necessary condition for successful job search.
  How can we overcome the “interview phobia”?
  EQ in the workplace: How to get rid of the fear and tension of interviewing? ① System desensitization method: also known as step-by-step relaxation method.
In the self-help of interview phobia, we can also use the system desensitization method flexibly.
At this time, don’t be idle, submit your resume more than once, whether it is the job you like to do or not, actively strive for interview opportunities.
To select the interview opportunities that come in the past, we must first select some opportunities that will not go to the job interview, in order to find a training and practice platform.
At this point you can make the most of it to get rid of the fear of interviewing, of course, if you are admitted, you can also improve your confidence.
  ② Limb relaxation method: Scientific experiments prove that a person’s mental tension can be relieved by relaxing the muscles.
So when we help ourselves, we need to do more relaxation training.
The easiest way to relax your muscles is to place yourself in a naturally comfortable sitting or lying position.
Consciousness concerns relaxing layer by layer from the top of the head, running through the body, all the way to the soles of the feet.
In the end, I feel that my whole body is very relaxed. Generally, I do two relaxation exercises one morning and one evening.
  ③ Cognitive and comprehension method: Most of people’s various fears are caused by lack of scientific knowledge and cranky thinking.
Therefore, when facing the fear of interviews, we should learn more about knowledge and reading, and replace the fear with a knowledgeable mind.

Divorce after 70 doesn’t need much reason

Divorce after 70 doesn’t need much reason

First, the degree of parental involvement is large.

It is not uncommon for both parents to accompany and participate throughout the divorce proceedings.

The “single generation” has a weak ability to deal with problems independently and relies too much on parents.

Parents generally indulge and spoil their children, and their “dependence” on their children is understood as “trust”, and they are ready to come forward tirelessly.

  Second, the divorce attitude is simply.

The “one generation” did not have much time to live together, so there was not much financial and child-raising issues in divorce.

At the beginning of the court, the two parties were calm, sensible, and at the same time, and they had disputes over real estate, children and other issues during divorce.

  Third, “flicker” phenomenon is frequent.

The marriage period is generally not long, the shortest is only 4 months, and an antique wedding has not yet been held.

The only child, who has lived in a 6 + 1 family environment since he was a child, is accustomed to being loved and cared for, and has not adapted to the transformation of social roles after forming a small family.

When family conflicts occur, he still chooses to escape with an anxiety, and “off” things.

  Fourth, the reason for divorce is single.

The cause of divorce also tends to be simply “incompatible personality” from multiple factors such as previous gambling, drug abuse or extramarital affairs, and economic factors.

The “one generation” no longer regards marriage as a fixed life arrangement. They can only follow their inner feelings without or without separation, even without any reason, simply because they “have no feeling”.

  Experts analyzed its causes and summarized them into the following items: First, the ability to take care of themselves and the ability to withstand frustration is weak.

The “one generation” is at the core level in 6 + 1 families, and is accustomed to be looked after by others.

In the process of growth, restricting parents’ strict requirements for the study of the “only generation”, while relaxing the cultivation of self-care ability in life.

After the “One Generation” self-organized family, the heavy pressure of housework, the lack of tolerance of husbands and wives, the excessive involvement and interference of parents in the life of young couples, and the lack of ability of “One Generation” to take care of and deal with problems have all become divorcedPotential risks.

  Second, the weakening of marriage control by public opinion and social intervention.

The excessive rendering of the influence of traditional public opinion on divorce and marriage has gradually been reduced with the changes of the times, and it is no longer “demonized” and “labeled”.

The modification of the legal system and the weakening of social relations such as family, relatives, neighborhoods and neighbors have made divorce more and more personal.

“One generation” has lived in a passive environment of the traditional concept of marriage and family since he was a child. He has naturally considered divorce as a legal right conferred by the law.The idea of “dogs go with dogs” is branded.

  Third, the immature understanding of marriage and the conflict that demands too much on the quality of marriage.

In the marriage life of “the only generation”, once they are burdened by trivial matters of life, there are occasional disputes and disputes between husband and wife.

The “One Generation” is also an emotional supremacist, who has high expectations of marriage and expects to receive emotional comfort and compensation in marriage.

The “One Generation” has lived in a superior environment since childhood, has little experience in life, and has inadequate mentality and age.

The understanding of marriage is too idealistic, lacks the spirit of introspection, blindly asks the other party to pay, the feelings are rich and the reason is insufficient.

  Fourth, the profound progress of social life has impacted the stability of marriage.

Human beings are the products of the environment. The drastic changes in social life in the fields of economy, politics, ideology and culture will inevitably affect the way of thinking and behavior of the “only generation”.

The “single generation” is facing an increasingly severe employment and living environment that is unprecedented. The “single generation” is at the beginning stage of its career, tired of survival and development, and has no time to manage marriage.

The invasion of the economy, the movement of population, and the pressure of competition have all tested the fragile psychological endurance of the “independent generation” who has been indifferent.

improve sleeping!

Soak your feet in hot water for 30 minutes

improve sleeping!
Soak your feet in hot water for 30 minutes

Human feet have the functions of running blood, contacting internal organs, communicating internally and externally, and continuously up and down. Each person has more than 60 acupuncture points on his feet, all of which have a corresponding relationship with systemic organs.

Chinese medicine experts recommend that you soak your feet in hot water for 43 minutes every night for 15 minutes before going to bed, and then keep them warm for 30 minutes, which can significantly improve sleep.

  Experts from Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that, in general, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation. Low blood temperature can also be used for blood circulation, and blood circulation can also increase when body temperature rises.

When the human body is fatigued, blood circulation in the feet becomes worse and deposits are more likely to occur.

  Soaking your feet for 30 minutes with 43 glucose water can reduce lactic acid in the blood.

In addition, the foot has abundant nerve endings and capillaries. Soaking the foot with hot water has a mild and good stimulating effect on nerves and capillaries.

This warm stimulus is reflected to the cerebral cortex, which inhibits the cerebral cortex, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

  Hot water foot bath also increases blood secretion and flow in the feet, thereby improving heart function, reducing heart load, and promoting metabolism.

Through hot water foot bath, you can also regulate the meridian and qi and blood.

At the same time, the blood vessels in the foot dilate and the blood volume increases, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are replenished in a sufficient amount in time.

Early morning 5 conditions reveal health secrets

Early morning 5 conditions reveal health secrets

When you wake up every morning, you will not have any uncomfortable problems besides lazy and don’t want to get up.


hzh {display: none; }  请千万别忽略这些小症状,健康的问题就是隐蔽在这些症状上,这是你身体给予你发出的不健康信息,其中正隐藏疾病啊,不可麻痹大意哦!  First, the dark circles at both ends. If you say dark circles, only occasionally patronize, it may be caused by factors such as staying up late, insomnia, or drinking too much coffee.

However, if it exists continuously or for a long time, it may indicate that your menstrual irregularity is caused, and the woman’s menstrual period is not smooth, it is easy to form dark circles.

  Of course, allergic rhinitis and other patients, or eye makeup remover does not completely cause pigmentation, usually lack of physical exercise, poor blood circulation, etc., often there are many factors, leading to unconsciously producing panda eyes.

  Tip: Dark circles indicate that you may have some chronic diseases, such as poor digestion and absorption, chronic gastritis, or chronic liver disease, so it is necessary to raise awareness.

  Second, get up early in the morning and feel dizzy If you are an office OL family, dizziness early in the morning, the most likely cause is long-term use of the computer, your cervical vertebra has a problem.

Cervical disease will compress the vertebral artery and affect the blood supply to the brain.

If you usually have insufficient water and exercise, and the blood viscosity is high, it is easy to cause blood supply to the brain and insufficient oxygen supply.

  Third, get up in the morning and feel the sweating in the morning, feel the sweating around the body, there are many reasons, such as hypoglycemia.

If you only sweat, there are no other symptoms, this is a manifestation of “sub-health”, indicating that your body is affected by the season, yin and yang disorders, visceral dysfunction.

  Fourth, in the morning, the eyes and eyes are swollen and many girls. When they get up in the morning, the eyes will have some feeling of edema. If they are serious, the eyes will even pick up.

  It is easy for women to have edema in the early morning, especially in the eyes.

The general reason is that you drink too much water before going to sleep the night before.

If your own blood circulation is not good, it may be due to the blood circulation system, it is too late to drain excess water in the body, let the water stay in the microvessels, and even ooze back into the skin to cause edema.

  Fifth, I feel a great morning tone in the morning, and the direct relationship with you is the reason for eating, including taking medicine, drinking, smoking, drinking coffee and dairy products, etc., may produce a tone.

  However, oral odor is an alarm issued by your body, such as a long mouth sour, may be related to your liver disorders; if there is maltose sweetness in the mouth, the body sends a signal to remind you to pay attention to the maintenance of a good stomach;If you have a bitter taste in your mouth, it means your liver and gallbladder are hot, or your heart is too hot.