7 cheap cheap tricks to quickly remove blackheads


7 cheap cheap tricks to quickly remove blackheads

What is blackhead?

 Blackheads are hardened oil residues, which usually appear on the forehead, nose, and other parts of the face. When the fat adenosine is over-stimulated and the pores are filled with excess oil, which causes blockade, there is often greasy on the nose and its surroundings.feel.

These oils will eventually harden and become black dots after oxidation, these little dots are blackheads by germanium.

The correct massage technique is to use the forefinger and middle finger to push up from the nasal groove above the nasal fossa, to the middle and upper part of the nasal bridge without blackheads, and then massage down the nasal bridge to the tip of the nose, and then from the tip of the nose to the nasal socket.repeatedly.

A circular massage takes about 8 beats.

  1. Egg white method: egg white of fresh eggs, mask paper or oil-absorbent paper. Specific methods: 1. Steam the surface for 5 minutes to open the pores. 2. Apply egg white to blackheads. , 3. Paste the egg white.Oil-absorbing paper or very thin mask paper, insert air out; 4, apply a layer of egg white on the oil-absorbing paper; 5, wait to dry, remove the oil-absorbing paper, you can see a lot of blackheads on the oil-absorbing paper; 6,Pat your nose with astringent water.

  Comments from netizens: Egg white is pure and natural, and the effect is very good and economical.

I have used it twice and the effect is obvious.

  2, salt and milk method tools: face washing salt, fresh milk specific methods: 1, 4 each time?
5 drops of milk are mixed with salt and started to be massaged when the salt is semi-dissolved; 2, because the salt did not completely dissolve the residual particles at the time, it must be very very small during massage; 3, washed away with water after half a minute,It should not be too long, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin; 4, in order to let the skin secrete clean oil protection again, so do not rub anything on the washed skin after washing.

 Testimonials: No matter how fine the face washing salt is, it is very irritating to the skin. Dry skin and eyebrows are not recommended. If oily skin and eyebrows have particularly many blackheads, it is advisable to use it twice a week. If you have peas, use them carefully to avoid irritation.

  3. Pearl powder method: Oral pearl powder. Specific methods: 1. Buy high-quality pearl powder for internal use in a pharmacy. 2. Take an appropriate amount of pearl powder and add it to a small dish. Add an appropriate amount of water (or a plant stock solution).The pearl powder is adjusted into a paste. For the consistency, please refer to Mengniu Fruit Yogurt, which is a little thicker than that; 3, apply the adjusted pearl powder evenly on the face; 4, use the massage method to massage on the arm, Until the pearl powder on both ends is dry, and then wash your face with water.

  Special reminder: If you want to remove the blackheads without making the pores bigger, no matter what method you use, it is best to steam the noodles beforehand to make the pores open naturally. In addition to replacing toxins, it also helps to clean.

This method is gentler and works twice a week.

  4. Make-up remover tools: make-up remover (the best is vegetable oil), facial tissue method: 1. After cleaning the face, pour 2 drops of remover oil on the black head of the nose, and massage the middle and ring fingers of both hands;About 1 hour or so, the massage is moderate, not too hard, otherwise the nose will be massaged red; 3, small particles will be rubbed out continuously during the massage, carefully wipe off with facial tissue, the movement should be gentle; 4, massageAfter that, the skin needs to be cleaned again.

  Comments from netizens: I personally feel that this method is scientific and effective, and my younger sister who studied it has a look at it!

However, the biggest disadvantage of BB oil is that after using it for three or five times, the skin on the nose feels swollen.

  5. Edible salt method tools: Cleansing milk (the mildest non-foaming type) Edible salt specific method: 1. First, use the cleansing milk to quickly wash the face to remove surface dirt;Knead; 3, wait until the kneading is even, feel that the particles of salt are very small, then apply the cleanser to the nose and start massaging; 4, about 10 minutes (you can feel it), wash with water.

  Advice: The particles of edible salt are very large, and skin with beans or wounds will definitely hurt. Use it with caution; those with sensitive skin and thin stratum corneum do not recommend this method.

  6, rice method tools: freshly steamed rice Specific methods: 1, steamed noodles for 5min; 2, knead hot rice just out of the pot and knead in the palm; 3, knead the degree of rice to knead rice, 4, put the rice ball on the nose and start to massage, keep rubbing, the movement should be gentle; 5, after about 20 minutes, wash with water.

  Comments from netizens: It is very convenient and important not to hurt the skin, but I may not see the obvious effect because I am all white and small. Listen to the severely black-headed MM saying that the rice has turned black later, and the nose is really white!

  7, baking soda powder tools: specific methods of baking soda powder method: 1, a small amount of baking soda powder, you can use the usual plastic spoons, half a spoon that comes with us when we drink yogurt, add pure water or mineral water,Stir in a small spoon at a ratio of 1:10 until the baking soda powder is dissolved.

  2. Take a piece of cotton pad in it, gently twist the water, and put it on the nose in a semi-dry state, or put it on the chin, forehead and other greasy places. Take it down after 15 minutes, do not wait until it is completely dry.

  3. Just do a cleaning job.

  Comments from netizens: 1-2 times a week is fine.

If you stick to it for 2 months, you will find that the longer the blackheads are, the less the blackheads will be. At that time, you can do it once every half month and once in the last month.

After trying it for yourself, I think it works. If you think this method works, tell the sisters around you.

Elementary Yoga understands pressure for a living

Elementary Yoga understands pressure for a living

Yoga allows physical balance to practice Yoga does not have the so-called body shape or strict external restrictions, because it highlights the balance between the limbs and the mind. In this posture is life. We can increase the body by a few simple yoga movesThe degree of softness makes it easy for you to decompress and also allows you to experience the wonderful state of body and soul.

  Action 1: Relax the upper body, strengthen the curve of the lower body with both forefingers resting on the chest, the neck relaxed, the stomach closed, the tail spine facing down, and then put your feet together, the body remains unchanged, the right foot is bent, the soles are placed on the thighs to maintain balanceThen stretch your hands upwards and stretch your arms against your ears, neck, and shoulders. Keep your lower body still, and breathe 3-4 times with the pelvis facing up.

  Action 2: Modify the curve of the arm and hip muscles with the forefingers of your hands together, the neck relaxed, the stomach closed, the left foot step forward, alignment bends, the right toe pad, the heel off the ground, the hands pulled up, the arms against the ears, and the head raised,Keep your chest straight, your back straight, your belly closed, your left foot at 90 degrees, the center of gravity sinking, between your feet, breathing.
Suck deeply, spit, and repeat about 3-4 times.

  Action 3: Increase the ductility of the leg muscles. Open your hands in parallel, spread your fingertips outwards, then relax your shoulders and neck muscles, relax your stomach, straighten your back, bend your left foot 90 degrees, and step on the floor with your right foot.After stretching, the body remains unchanged, the left foot is aligned and pushed straight but not locked, and the action is retained after 3-4 breaths.

  Action 4: Adjust the scoliosis of the spine and strengthen the balance of the whole body. Pull the body straight, retract your abdomen, step back with your right foot, point your toes, place your hands on your thighs, and then stretch your right foot backwards.Keep your body in line with your feet. Pay attention to the left foot and relax. Place your hands on both sides of your thighs, and then breathe for 3-4 times.

  Action 5: Practice the back muscles and modify the curve of the abdominal muscles into a bow shape. Align the hands with the back straight, straighten your abdomen, relax your toes, point your fingertips forward, bend your elbows slightly, but do n’t shrug your shoulders, thenPush towards the ceiling, the body will be a triangle, straighten straight towards the back, but not locked, head lowered to the arm, hold down to relax, stomach close, breathe 3-4 times, heel step on the floor,If you ca n’t block, you can bend slightly and slowly lift your heel off the ground.

  Action 6: Strengthen the curve of the pectoral muscles and legs. Turn the body to the right, keep your hands in a straight line, open your chest, touch the ground with your left hand, maintain balance, breathe 3-4 times, and then stretch your right foot back to make your body and feet in a straight linePay attention to the left toe bone to relax, put your hands on both sides of the thigh, and then stop breathing 3-4 times.

After marriage, my wife showed her true colors.

After marriage, my wife showed her true colors.

Xiao Ji honestly married a willful and discerning wife. After the marriage, he had a lovely son, and also had his own house.

In the eyes of outsiders, they looked like a happy young couple.

However, they should have had such a sweet little day, and the marriage was full of trivial and stumbling, even the smoke of smoke . Knowing Xiaoxiao was met by colleagues in the online QQ group.

  For a few days, we always chatted with each other, but just looked at each other as ordinary netizens.

One day on the weekend, she said that she had just resigned and was in a bad mood, but I was a little happier having a chat with her.

She was able to tell me everything in her heart. I was very touched. By the way, she comforted her, sent her an interesting post, and then went to browse the news.

After a while, her head flashed, and she said that she was laughing while watching the post, and she forgot all the unhappy things.

I replied to her, and after laughing, everything would be all right.

  Although I know very little about the girls in QQ, I was born with pity and love, and I have no destination to find ways to make her happy.

I found a lot of jokes tonight and sent her some funny FLASH.

When I finally received her hilarious expression, I knew that her mood should be much better, and it was time to go off the net. I just wanted to say goodbye to her. She actually asked me to meet at this time.

She said that since your colleagues have spoken you so well, you might as well meet each other.

I didn’t expect this girl to be so proactive, and I’m not good enough to quit.

So we made an appointment to meet in a Western restaurant after work.

  I used to participate in QQ group gatherings, so when I saw Xiaoxiao I just made more friends.

We met at noon that day.

At first glance, I saw Xiaoxiao, a slender figure, a white face, and beautiful curly hair. She wore a stylish short jacket on the top and a pair of fitted jeans on the bottom.

I never thought that the sentimental girl on the Internet would be so beautiful and fashionable.

Just as I looked at her slyly, Xiao Xiao pointed out my hand with a smile, and joked about the jokes we often say on the Internet.

  While dining in the restaurant that day, she introduced me to her resignation.

It turned out that Xiaoxiao worked in a commercial company, and because of an error, she caused a series of troubles. Faced with accusations, she could not stand it when she was young, and left her hands in a hurry.

After resigning, Xiaoxiao was also anxious. She was sad for one night, and now she finally wanted to understand, and anger didn’t help, so she just wanted to open a new company.

  After this meeting, Xiaoxiao became my girlfriend.

We have been chatting online and meeting up since.

On the Internet, we can joke without any worries. If she said that she wanted to meet with me again, I would hand her a red rose to be put on the Internet in time.

In fact, since the day I saw Xiaoxiao, her unique temperament has attracted me.

  Love makes me love so hard. From the moment we reset our relationship, I gave her all my love.

  Xiaoxiao grew up in the parents’ covetousness as a child, the pearl of his family, and naturally very petulant.

However, I was born with a good temper and never accounted for anything. I think all girls may be the same, and my colleague’s girlfriend is not the same, so I never think much about it and I accept her everywhere.

When we were in love, we were all very happy. We went to the movies together, taught her to swim, and bought her favorite snacks.

Our feelings are getting better and better, one day she took my shoulder and said to me, “Blessed by misfortune, I met you.”

I was so happy to see Xiaoxiao’s happy expression.

So I was excited to introduce her to my friends and family.

  Maybe my love is more or less illusory, maybe the relationship is really the authority and the spectator is clear. After half a year of understanding, the first time I took Xiaoxiao to my house to play, my mother warned me that we were inappropriate.

At that time, I thought for a while that my mother was old-fashioned and didn’t know the girls today.

Seeing that I couldn’t listen at all, my mother kept persuading me that she was beautiful and beautiful, but she would not live well. When looking for a daughter-in-law, she had to find a really capable one, and she couldn’t provide it at home like a vase.

Mother keeps counting, you see that she is like a Miss Jiao. She does n’t eat this or that. She does n’t do any housework. You are an honest child. You ca n’t wait with her all day to wait for her.She bullied.

I just listened and smiled. At that time, I never thought that these trivial matters would bring endless troubles to my future life.  Not long after, Xiaoxiao took me to see her parents at home. Her parents were cold to me when they met, obviously not very satisfied with me.

They inquired carefully about the situation in my house, and then warned me with a stern face: Xiaoxiao was spoiled at home and she had to let her do everything. You have to think clearly!

Some of the boys she had met in good conditions before, but the worst of them, didn’t know what she thought . Listening to their counts, my face had a fever.

Then they turned around and started to offer me conditions, saying that if we got married and had to buy a house alone, it would be better to be closer to it . I heard that I was really uncomfortable at the time, but in order to please the futureFather-in-law, I can only listen respectfully.

Although I did not like her family at the time, I still had a meaningful and beautiful hope for Xiaoxiao.

  On the day of the engagement, a huge group of relatives and friends came to my family.

This is the first time that both parents have met.

There are many rules for engagement. My mother is afraid to miss something after my busy schedule. Our family is an ordinary working family, but my parents love face, and I am the only child. The other party ‘s conditions are even harsh and they promised to follow suit.

In fact, her parents always came with critical eyes.

A group of people came to our house after seeing it. When we saw that our house was the old one before, and there was no luxurious furniture in the house, her mother’s face was very unsightly.

  The engagement was a happy event, but the words and deeds of her family made everyone feel dull. I was secretly worried, and I was very afraid of what the other party might do.

Fortunately, my mother is a very easy-going and tolerant person. Whenever there is an incident, it can be resolved, and I managed to cope with it, but I have no sense of happiness or sweetness.

  After the marriage, she showed her true colors and married and began to live, and I found out that she didn’t know Xiaoxiao. Since she stepped into the house, she has become particularly picky.

  She didn’t want to spend time with my parents, so we started cooking for our little days and supposedly everything went to her heart, but Xiao Xiao still had a lot of dissatisfaction after the order.

She doesn’t do anything at all. She always needs others to wait. We are all only children. Why is she so precious and can’t do a little work?

Every day when she returns from work, she sits and waits for me to wash and cook in the kitchen. She does n’t even wash the dishes, her clothes are piled up on the hill, all kinds of shoes are messed up, all the chores in the houseI did it alone.

She only cares about her enjoyment from head to toe at home, but does not know the obligation to be a wife.

  As soon as she comes back, when she’s in a bad mood, she doesn’t like everything at home. She complains that there is no snack in the house. She feels that the bath water is not cooked, and that the food doesn’t taste good.Not doing well, but she did it herself?

But she didn’t even want to move her hands. She was dressed beautifully every day, but she was too lazy at home.

Moreover, she could not say that she was wrong. I blamed her a little, and she made a big noise with me.

If I get angry and don’t follow her and say a few words to her, she will cry, and just pick up something and fall.

  My mother was distressed by her son, and she cleaned the bedding every three to five, but she didn’t appreciate it, and deliberately yelled at me in front of my mother.

My mother is inevitably yelling at her when she is old, but she hits my mother with a loud voice, making my mother speechless for a long time.

Later, my mother seldom came to our house again, and did not dare to come to see me.

Because of her ignorance, my parents and I were deeply hurt.

  Life is so bad that I ca n’t figure it out until now. Why does n’t this woman know anything about it, and how to get so clever once she gets married?

Now, I have seen her through. She is selfish in the final analysis, and she is the only one in her heart. She hopes that people from all over the world will coax her and turn around her, but she does not know how to understand and return.

  Now that she is pregnant, this was a good thing, but I haven’t had time to be happy, I already feel that the end of the world is coming.

Her temper became even more weird, and she became very irritated at every turn, especially after the birth of some children. She was even left and right. I coaxed her to do this and that all day, but she was still dissatisfied, as ifEven she became ugly, it was my sin.

A few days ago, my mother made a delicious delivery and told her to pay attention to some details. Her face became extremely nervous without listening to two words.

After her mother left, she had another episode. She threatened not to have children. She hated having children . I couldn’t help it. Since she was going to hit me like this, I said no, and I was fed up with her alone.

  It’s been three years since I was married, and we will always be paying for both of her.

As the saying goes, people’s hearts are long, and husbands and wives should respect each other, but Xiaoxiao keeps me cool to the end.

I said she was selfish, and she immediately said that I was a hypocrite, a mean man.

Anyway, she couldn’t make any sense with her, only quarrel.

  I know Xiaoxiao and her family both look down on me. I’m just an incompetent clerk. I have no ability to make a lot of money for her and her family.

I admit that I am incompetent and cannot give her a rich and easy life, but is it all my fault?

I’m busy every day, she doesn’t talk about it, but she tortures me all day.

Alas, I live easily!

Even the friends around me laughed that I didn’t look like a man. This matter had been divorced by someone else, and I also felt that I was full.  During this time, because we thought we were too troublesome to live on our own, and she needed someone to take care of her, she asked me to go back to her mother’s house with her.

It would be nice to live in her house, I have no dignity left, and I have to be a human with a tail all day long.

Such days are already scorching, and only one day counts.

The biggest headache is that Xiaoxiao’s reaction to pregnancy is terrible. She is more coquettish and has more things now.

Xiaoxiao’s attitude is to give up this child, even if he was born later, he didn’t want to turn around the child all day long.

  These days, we are angry again. She keeps clamoring for no children, and go to divorce after killing the children. After all, I will never have a good life.

In the past, I always could not bear to say much. Now that I think about it, I promised her to leave or not. After hearing it, she was as crazy as going to go through the formalities. But after a while, she asked me again.Isn’t she having an affair, and wish you had dumped her earlier?

Now that I have a child and hate her, let me compensate her for all her losses.

At noon today, she called again to sue my friend for “crime” and complained of my incompetence. I regret not listening to my family and marrying a good person like anyone . After listening to these words, I don’t want to mention much depression.

I never dare to tell my friends that as soon as I speak, others will laugh at me.

Somehow, she was getting uglier in my eyes, and I really didn’t want to see her face again.

Now that I have children, I do n’t have the confidence and such a person to grow old. This day is getting worse and worse.

Getting married is really tiring!

Fun test: do friends really like you

Fun test: do friends really like you

Want to know if your friends really like you?

Norman Lee, an associate professor of psychology at Singapore Management University, found a simple way to make a judgement: just kidding them.

If they are easy to make fun of you, they like you.

  People make jokes, and then watch each other ‘s reactions. This is the same as stretching one foot to test the water before swimming.

If the other party is interested in you, it is easy to think that you are humorous; on the other hand, if the other party is not interested, you will not find humor in your words, even if your paragraph is the best laugh.

Humorous communication talents feel good, meaning that the people we like also like us.

So Norman Lee suggests paying attention to who can make you laugh and who can make you laugh.

4 moves to stop your neck and back pain

4 moves to stop your neck and back pain

The first thing a woman declines is the shoulders and back.

Medical statistics, 80% of people will experience shoulder pain in their lifetime.

Our daily labor is more and more fixed in front of the desk case.

Coupled with one summer, our exposed shoulders and backs continued to rebuild the pinch of the hot sun and air conditioning.

Shoulder and back pain is almost a daily pain for most of us.

  Yoga mobilizes the shoulders and postures. Let’s go beyond 80% and join 20%!

Have a beautiful healthy and painless back.

  Recommended posture one: Mountain-style variant 1, based on “Mountain-style variant 1”.

Separate your hands and lift them sideways, parallel to the ground.

  2. Inhale and the right palm falls to the ground.

  3. Exhale. The front arm drives the body to extend to the right, keeping the arm as close to the ear as possible.

Keep breathing evenly.

  Recommended posture two: lap dog style 1, with both feet open to the shoulder width, the toe in a toe in a straight line.

  2, hands crossed behind the shoulders 3, inhale, the lower jaw drives the spine and shoulders to extend forward.

  4. Exhale, the movement of the arm drives the body to continue to lean forward and down, maintaining even breathing.

Tip: If you have difficulty crossing your hands behind your back, you can grab a towel behind you. The length of the towel can be adjusted according to your situation.

  Recommended posture three: Deformation and rotation work 1, sit upright, straighten your legs forward, reset your reverse legs, and try to pull your feet toward the thigh roots.

The ipsilateral arm bypasses the body and grabs the instep.

Hold the curved centrifugal with the opposite side.

  2. Inhale and erect the tail.

  3, exhale, the lower jaw drives the body to rotate backwards.

  Recommended posture four: Niu Gong Gong 1, sit upright, align the left knee with the outside of the right knee, and place the hips firmly between the two feet.

  2. Straighten your back and look straight ahead.

Inhale and place your right hand back and back in the middle of your shoulder blades.

  3. Exhale, lift your left hand flat to the top of your head.

Bend your elbows backwards, holding your hands together.

Keep your chest straight, abdomen, and keep breathing for 15-20 seconds.

Tip: If you find it difficult to hold your hands together, you can replace the towel to complete it.

  Self-examination: If your hands are folded together behind your back and it is very difficult and you have headaches, soreness, and numbness, you should pay attention to observe if you have symptoms such as periarthritis or back muscle strain.

Early summer 6 strokes fast skinny calf stovepipe exercise

Early summer 6 strokes fast skinny calf stovepipe exercise

Summer is coming, cool clothes can’t help but get out of the legs, but after a winter aunt’s hoarding, the thighs are obviously thick, how can I quickly reduce the extra aunts on the legs?

The following aerobics exercises can help you quickly eliminate excess aunts on your legs.

  1. Lift your legs sideways: stretch your feet with your feet as wide as your shoulders, hold the chair on the side, then lift the other leg sideways, slowly lift your legs up, do n’t lift your legs quickly, 15 times per sideThen change sides.

  2. Bend your knees in place, put your feet close together, bend slowly and bend down in place, where you will be in place, and keep your body perpendicular to the ground.

20 times at a time.

  3, side leg lift: in the side lying state, lift one leg up, and then restore.

Do it 30 times each.

  4. Shuttlecock: With both feet open, shoulder width, lift one leg up and stick it to the waist, just like kicking a shuttlecock.

At this point, the blood pressure of the other leg is slightly bent.

When raising the left leg, pat with the right hand, the left hand is naturally placed on the waist, and vice versa, repeat 30 times each for the left and right legs.

  5. Raise the leg high: One leg is extended, the other leg is straightened by 90 degrees, and it is also at right angles to the waist, with the toes facing downwards, and repeated 30 times on each side.

  6, lower the upper body: legs straight, sitting on the ground, one leg bent over the thigh of the other leg.

Then lower your upper body further so that the top is as close to your legs as possible.

At this point, hold the toes of the straight legs with both hands and hold for 30 seconds.

Do alternately with your legs 10 times.

5 honey freckle tips

5 honey freckle tips

Click to buy honey is even delicious, and it also has skin care and freckle removal effects. Today, I will introduce you to the tips of freckle removal with honey. If you are a crush who likes honey, it is good to use honey to freckle.Effect.

  Women around the age of 30 are often born with a disorder of progesterone, progesterone, and estrogen, which can easily constitute butterfly spots and pregnancy spots after pregnancy; or they may often become overly tired, nervous, depressed, insomnia, and then constitute after starting work.His complexion is dull, his face is dull and dull, which gives people the impression that they will decline before they grow old.

These problems have not been dealt with very well, so that chloasma is easily formed, which makes people feel like a flower is gradually withering.

Is there any way to get rid of these spots?

Xiaobian introduces 5 honey freckle methods.

  1, honey melon seed kernel freckle material: honey, melon seed kernel, peach kernel Practice: develop all the melon seed kernel and barley kernels into the end, and then add honey to make a paste.

  Efficacy: Apply to the stains on the face before going to bed every night. After getting up early the next day, rinse off with water, and use it for about 20 days to make the stains significantly faded or completely removed.

  2, honey glycerin freckle substance: 60 grams of honey, 200 grams of flour, the appropriate amount of glycerin: first put flour in a bowl and add water to make a paste, then add honey and glycerin and mix well before use.

  Efficacy: It is best to paint on a wooden board before going to bed every night, and wash it off after half an hour before going to bed.

After every second, you can also see the obvious effect of removing spots.

  3. Rose honey freckle material: 2 drops of rose essential oil, 2 spoons of honey, 1 spoon of oat. Method: After adding 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of flour to the mask bowl, add 2 drops of rose essential oil and stir until needed.

After cleansing, apply the rose honey mask evenly on the face, and wash it with warm water after 30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Use the rose honey mask once in the morning and evening, which can effectively dissolve the melanin deposits on the face and achieve the freckle effect.

  4, honey lemon freckle material: 10 grams of honey, 10 ml of lemon juice.

  Method: Put 10 grams of honey into a clean glass container, heat to 60 ° C with water, and then add 10 ml of lemon juice, and stir well.

After cleansing, apply it evenly on the face.

After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Efficacy: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively remove the melanin deposits on the face, thereby achieving the effect of freckle removal.

  5. Honey and egg freckle removal material: 3 spoons of honey, 1 spoon of fresh royal jelly, and 1 egg white method: Mix the above materials together, add an appropriate amount of pollen and water to make a paste, apply to the face, and wash off with warm water after 30 minutesThen apply 1g of fresh royal jelly with a small amount of glycerin and mix it on the face once a week.

  Freckles can’t pursue speed. Doing everything requires a process, so everyone, wait slowly!

Eating proper trotters for the elderly can keep you healthy

Eating proper trotters for the elderly can keep you healthy

The trotter protein content is very high, it also contains a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other nutrients, with blood, lubricating the skin, strong waist and legs, very suitable for elderly and frail blood.

  The large amount of collagen in the trotters can prevent the skin from drying up and wrinkling; at the same time, it enhances the elasticity and improvement of the skin and delays skin aging.

  In addition, the trotters contain a large amount of glycine, this substance has a certain calming effect, can alleviate the symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia and so on implanted in a large number of elderly people.

  The elderly with arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease do not prevent eating trotters 1-2 times a week to replace other meats, which can both relieve diarrhea and replace enough collagen.

Elderly people with chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, and gallstones should not eat trotters.

  In addition, when making trotters, a little vinegar can be added to make the proteins in the trotters easily digested, absorbed and used by the human body.

10 famous anti-cancer foods on the table

10 famous anti-cancer foods on the table

Good habits are one of the ways to prevent cancer, including a balanced diet.

Scientists have found that some foods have anti-cancer ingredients, and eating can help people prevent cancer.

Here are 10 famous anti-cancer foods.

  Tomato Tomato contains the famous and powerful antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to prevent prostate cancer, cancer, cancer and stomach cancer.

To absorb more lycopene, it is best to eat ripe tomatoes rather than raw ones.

  Green tea research has confirmed that green tea can slow and prevent the development of some cancers, including colon cancer, liver cancer, cancer and prostate cancer.

  All raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc. are plenty of anti-cancer ingredients, which are effective for preventing most cancers.

  Green vegetables Dark green leafy vegetables may be carotenoids, which are an antioxidant.

It removes free radicals from the body and prevents cancer.

  Citrus fruits research has found that regular consumption of citrus fruits can reduce the chance of suffering from oral, throat, and gastric cancer by half.

  Red wine contains resveratrol.

This is an extremely effective antioxidant that prevents cell damage.

However, pay attention to the amount of red wine, it is best to drink a small glass every day.

  Garlic Garlic is an extremely effective anti-cancer food, especially for skin cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

  Whole grain whole grain hypertension antioxidants and fiber supplements can prevent cancer.

One-third of the staple food is preferably coarse grain salmon. Studies have shown that salmon and other fish are masters of anti-cancer. However, do not fry or deep-fry. It is best to use steaming or roasting.

  Flaxseed Flaxseed contains lignans and has antioxidant and anti-cancer effects.

The rich omega 3 fatty acids can fight colon cancer.

Drought in women with Sjogren’s syndrome

Drought in women with Sjogren’s syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome mainly occurs in middle-aged women.

Immune damage caused by various causes damages the human exocrine glands. The human body feels like an “emergency disaster”. Patients often want to cry without tears, eat hard to swallow, speechless, painful.

  There are three major “disasters” in the oral “drought”. The salivary gland secretion is reduced. Although the appetite is good, but solid food is difficult to swallow without saliva; the mouth is dry, the tongue is stuck to the cavity, the words are in the heart but the tongue is not flexible.Speaking of mouth; a small amount of saliva moisturizes, the teeth become dry and black and there are fragments falling off. It is called “natural caries” and it is worthy of its name.

  Dry eye keratoconjunctivitis is another major pain.

The reduction of lacrimal gland secretion makes the patient’s eyes dry, there is a foreign body sensation similar to the sand and into the eyes, even if it is sad, but there are no tears, and it is easy to be misunderstood as “relentless.”

  The parotid gland could not escape the “devil’s palm” that was immune to immunity, and later became a “battlefield” to fight against its own immune system.

The main “battles” are: fever, swelling and pain in the cheeks.

Patients with persistent parotid enlargement need to be alert to the possibility of malignant lymphoma.

  This disease only invades the local exocrine glands, without kidney, lung, dialysis, blood and other internal organs, but the quality of life is destroyed.

Too much vaginal dryness in women directly affects sexual life and hinders couple harmony.

  Although the symptoms are dangerous, as long as the early diagnosis and treatment are effective, don’t worry too much.