[Efficacy of Mung Bean in a Pigeon Pot]_ milk pigeon _ benefits _ nutritional value

[Efficacy of Mung Bean in a Pigeon Pot]_ milk pigeon _ benefits _ nutritional value

Mung Bean in Suckling Pig Clay Pot is a kind of food with nourishing effect. When people recover from a serious illness, they can drink more soup to nourish their body, so that their body’s ability to resist recovery can become faster, especially when suffering from illness.Drinking the pigeon soup after the weak nervous system will achieve the relief effect. You can also add some traditional Chinese medicines in this way to improve the medicinal effect.

Process: Boiled flavor: Salty flavor Ingredients: Dove (100 g) Ingredients: Ligustrum lucidum (10 g) Seasoning: Cooking wine (10 g) Ginger (5 g) Green onion (10 g) Salt (3 g) MSG (2 g) sesame oil (5 g) Category: Home-made dishes, kidney conditioning, conditioning, neurasthenia, conditioning, fractures, conditioning, age-related children’s recipes, making process 1.

Depilation, viscera and claws of the young pigeons after slaughter; 2.

2. Ligustrum lucidum was washed away to remove impurities; 3.

3. Ginger slices, shallots cut into sections; 4.

Put the privet seed, suckling pigeon, spring onion, ginger slices, cooking wine in a saucepan, add water and boil over high heat; cook over low heat for 35 minutes, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil to serve.

Pigeon meat is salty, flat and non-toxic; it has the effects of nourishing liver and kidneys, can nourish qi and blood, support poisoning and eliminate pus; it can be used to treat malignant sore, chronic illness, deficiency and win, thirst and so on.

Eating often can strengthen your body and clear your lungs.

For kidney weakness and frailty, restlessness, children growing up, physical overdrafts work.

The bones of young pigeons are rich in chondroitin, and regular eating can increase skin elasticity and improve blood circulation.

Pigeon meat contains higher branched chain amino acids and arginine, which can promote protein synthesis in the body and speed up contraction and healing.

Scientific research has yet to confirm whether pigeon meat is directly related to maternal weaning symptoms.

For women under 25, pigeon meat may affect uterine contractions and interfere with normal human development.

Eat for a long time, if you feel unwell, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

In addition, although pigeon meat contains high nutritional value, it lacks vitamin B16, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamins necessary for normal human life.

Modern science shows that the human body contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids that make up proteins. These amino acids are necessary for the human body. There is no distinction between “high quality” and “non-quality”.

Eating only pigeon meat will lead to a lack of other proteins, resulting in sub-health of the human body, and boots causing weakness.