[How to make clear soup hot pot delicious?

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[How to make clear soup hot pot delicious?
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Hot pot is a kind of food we usually eat. Through the continuous changes in people’s daily dietary needs, the types of hot pot are constantly changing. Clear soup hot pot is the most popular hot pot method in recent years. The clear soup hot pot is actually delicious. The bottom of the pot isThe most important thing is that the soup broth is actually very simple when it is made. After eating the soup broth, it has a nourishing effect on the human body.

How to make clear soup hot pot delicious?

Ingredients: Bottom of the pot: Ribs, shiitake mushrooms, ginger slices, tomatoes, ham sausage, garlic and amaranth: in the market, buy a little bit of all kinds of vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, beef, ravioli, enoki mushroom, potato chips dipping sauce:Scallion flower, salt, raw soy sauce, paprika, chopped pepper, pepper, pepper oil, sesame oil, millet pepper, ginger garlic mince Production steps: 1 Put the ribs in a boiling water pot and simmer the water to remove the bloody smell, remove, filterDry water.

Mushroom slices, ginger slices.

Put them in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes.

2 In the process of cooking the bottom of the soup, let’s process the meat dishes, cut the beef into thin slices, cut the meat into slices, slice the potatoes, wash the lettuce, cabbage, slice the ham sausage, and cut the tomatoes.

3 Wash the green onions for dipping and cut them into green onions. Cut the garlic into small pieces for later use.

4 Flammulina velutipes Roots washed and set aside.

After you have prepared all the washes, drain them to the table.

5 with one or two dipping saucers, each has a different taste.

Free to play.

6 After the soup base is cooked in an electric pressure cooker, pour the garlic into a hot pot and add the garlic seedlings. Cook the tomatoes for two minutes. After the soup is boiled, you can eat it by yourself.

7 Put the ravioli, potato chips, etc., which are difficult to cook, and cook while others eat.

The beef is very delicious and has the feeling of eating Chaoshan hot pot.

Remarks: 1. The key to the taste of the hot pot is the soup base, so we must boil the bone thick soup, stew it, and put it in the hot pot’s soup pot to make the meat.

2, the sauce according to their favorite seasoning, put the old lady, chili sauce, pepper oil and other choices.

3, you can choose the hot pot and amaranth you like to eat, during the cooking process, depending on the dish, put first or later.

If the potato chips are cooked for a long time, you can put them in the pot together.